First food review!

It just so happens that the other day our dining hall (AKA Dalys) had a table set up and was giving out free samples of a new product. Not one to turn down anything associated with the words “food” and “free” I grabbed two.

Musselman’s family of Apple Sauces! Personally, I’ve never really been that huge of a fan of apple sauce. When I saw Blueberry Pomegranate as a flavor, however, I snatched it right up. Their website says:

Healthy Picks™ apple sauce has a burst of flavor and nutrition in every bite. This Healthy snack provides a good daily source of fiber and calcium as well as antioxidants from delicious “superfruits” like pomegranates, açaí berries and cupuaçu.

From a nutritional standpoint it has:

70 calories per serving

-17g carbs

-3g fiber

-10g sugar

And that’s really all there is to it. I like that the sugar in it is purely the natural sugar of the fruits. Naturaaaaaal sugggaaaaah higgggggh!


As I was saying, I decided to throw it on top of a bowl of vanilla Chobani, granola and chopped apple (AKA my dinner because I didn’t feel like leaving the room last night)

So my first creation to bless the blogworld isn’t the most beautiful… I’m still a beginner! Despite the not-so=prettiness of it, I give thumbs up to the blueberry pomegranate sauce (although it doesn’t have the same ring to it as apple sauce does) The blueberry flavor was present most intensely, not overwhelmingly though, and it had a nice sweetness to it that went very well with the yogurt. It’s a good “satisfy your sweet tooth” kind of treat and thanks to a free coupon, I’ll more than likely be buying a pack of these again.

Phew! First food review completed. I don’t think I did too horribly. Hopefully I’ve started up a hankerin’ for apple sauce. =D

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