Ooh, the scary topic of indulgence.

Afternoon bloggies of all kinds! Tried ANOTHER new thing today and decided to review it. Although I’m warning everyone now, it’s a definite topper on the indulgent level.

Yes, Dark Chocolate Cherry Mocha latte. Be still my beating heart.

A couple days ago I was granted the chance to have a free sample of such a creation (in Frapp form that is) and decided that it would be OK to stray away from my normal skinny vanilla lattes for once.

I am VERY glad I did. It’s this wonderful blend of chocolate and cherry (a combo that can never go wrong!) and they balance each other perfectly and it’s just absolutely fantastic. Kat can vouch for my initial reaction upon first tasting it; I think it was a kind of “OHMYGODTHISISF***INGAMAZING”

Now, I ordered it without any changes but I’m sure that if I’m ever to order it in the future I’ll see how it works with skim instead. And another thing? If you get this, skip the whip! You won’t even miss it, I swear =)

Indulging is not going to kill you, it’s all about moderation. This is a repetitious statement that gets old kinda quickly but it will always be true nevertheless. Things like Dark Chocolate Cherry Mochas (drool) aren’t something to be absolutely terrified of, you just have to keep your head in check!

I need to change gears for a moment to make mention that it’s the second day of National Eating Disorder Awareness week! I hold this organization very near and dear to my heart, knowing others afflicted with eating disorders and recovering from one myself. For as long as I can remember, thin has always been glorified and the presence of eating disorders as a legitimate problem have always been sort of swept under the rug. Not worthy of a second glance, eh? Take into account that over 10 million women and 1 million men are suffering from some form of an eating disorder. The theme for this year’s NEDAwareness week in definitely appropriate, “It’s time to talk about it.” Change is possibly in more ways than anyone can even image; it just takes the effort of everyone to accomplish it. So check out the link, take a look around and learn some stuff you probably didn’t know.

I rep the NEDA… and I rep it proud!

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