We’re going to pretend I never left!

I’m just going to pretend that it hasn’t been almost two weeks since I last posted. The “I’m busy!” excuse gets old rather quickly if I do say so myself. I’m home for spring break, however, and have all intentions of putting up a bunch of reviews that I’ve been harvesting for a while. I’ve got time… so let’s begin!

Sitting atop my roomie’s article in the Rider newspaper is possibly the BEST yogurt I have ever had. Since September I had been seeing the pumpkin flavored version of this but never had an opportunity to get to it (damn you seasonal flavors!) Recently when I took a trip to Wegmens with the Rider ladies, I spotted THIS version instead. Having seen this on Kath’s blog, I knew that I couldn’t leave without buying it. So I did and the next day I topped it with 2 tbsps of granola. I said it once and I’ll say it again, AMAZING.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the “maple” aspect but it was very subtle and just added a very small hint of sweetness to it. The consistancy was nice too, much creamer than the Yoplait yogurts that I’ve become so used to. All I can say is that I intend on buying as many more as I can get my hands on before the “limited time” decides to creep up on me again! I recommend it, and THEN SOME!

Next up….

Tea’s Tea! A lot of these reviews are thanks to that one Wegmans trip (I just couldn’t help myself!)

These fellas were on sale for a dollar for I thought to myself,

“The more reviews for the blog…. the better!”

There were at least 6 or 7 different varieties (sorry for no picture!) but I decided that blueberry green tea sounded like a good choice. I set myself on buying this even more when I read the following fact on the side of the container.

Caffeine you say? HA BISKY I’m in. I’ve realized that my caffeine intake so significantly lowered since in the past couple months.

SIDENOTE: There’s a story to that but let’s finish the reviews first.

Despite my knowledge that too much caffeine (COUGHENERGYDRINKSSCOUGH) is a bad thing for your body, I’m still a caffeine obsessed kind of girl. Nothing wrong with indulging in coffee every once and a while! Whenever, I spot that word though, my mind basically commands me to give whatever that thing is a try!

So, Tea’s Tea Blueberry Green Tea… honestly? There wasn’t enough blueberry in it for me. Granted, I naturally have a ridiculous sweet tooth and maybe I’m just not used to drinking green tea straight up like that. After a couple of sips I began to enjoy it a lot more! Like my problems with carrots and peppers, getting used to the taste is a skill I’m very slowly beginning to acquire. The drink became pretty refreshing! It was a buck so you know what? I’d buy it again… a girl can always use more caffeine 😉

Let me throw in that story to go along with this theme I’ve got going. Like I said before, I haven’t been drinking that much coffee anymore. Back in the days of EDNOS, I was knocking back everything caffeine associated like it was my job. Energy drinks, coffee with multiple shots of expresso, energy gum and even caffeine pills (yes, just like that episode of “Saved By the Bell”) My immunity had rose up pretty high but compared to now? It’s gone down considerably… and I found that out a very interesting way yesterday.

In an almond-shell, due to very frazzled nerves/stress I bought myself a large coffee with 3 shots of expresso. That was at 8:45. I had class at 10:20 and was literally VIBRATING in my chair. My energy had shot through the roof completely and I was jittery and SUPER giggly… kind of at that point where you try to talk so fast that your words get all jumbled and you actually end up saying NOTHING.  Extreme bouts of caffeine CAN be fun and that was a fun day… however, I think I definitely like my low coffee tolerance more =)

One more thing to post before I go and complete a laundry/unpacking fest…….

THIS is a Fat Bronc, taken from the “Fat Sandwich” idea that Rutgers made famous first……it’s ridiculous, delicious (?) and the ultimate stomach ache giver. A combination of mozzerella sticks, chicken tenders, curly fries and marinara sauce all combined together on a long roll. It’s something else, that’s for sure. At Rider, it’s a legend…. R U able to handle it? Hahahahahaha.

Tomorrow will include CUPCAKES and some running updates… have a good night everyone!

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One response to “We’re going to pretend I never left!

  1. kat

    i loved all your reviews! personally i like tea straight up and i think thats why i didnt like the green tea cause of that blueberry hint… ive had stonyfield strawberry yogurt and i find that it is a little thicker (and therefore better, in my mind) than layogurt or yoplait 🙂

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