Tik Tok on the clock!

The title was the song of the day… hence it being here. I didn’t get to post as soon as I had liked but the recap starts NOW!

St. Patrick’s day was a day spent with my two very good friends Liz and Danielle! This day included drunkness all over the place, the Museum of Modern Art, hurt leggys, artsy coffee places and pastrami sandwiches! Vague? Naturally. Hence why I will be providing thee will photographs to better elaborate on the madness that was NYC.

SIDENOTE: I’m very proud of myself for slowly becoming more and more unafraid of simply whipping out my camera and taking pictures. If I keep replaying the mantra, “I AM a food blogger. I AM a food blogger. I AM a food blogger,” then maybe my camera-phobia will just fade away!

On to the pictures (and Keribop style captioning!)

Nothing like typical picture in the Penn Station bathroom to start things off. Danielle (in the pink) didn’t get the memo that it was St. Patty’s day. Whoops!

First stop was a coffee place called Stumptown. Apparently their locations are purely more westcoast and the fact that there was one hiding in NYC was a VERY big deal.

The menu was very simple but judging by the line that had formed upon our arrival, simple =better. The staff worked quickly AND were all dressed quite stylishly which is always a….


I had this entire post, well posted, and WordPress ate it somehow. Continuation 5 days later? It’ll do pig, it’ll do.

… a nice change from the traditional Starbucks workers. No pictures of the actual working men but they had a nice 20s vibe going on. Twas nice. 😉

I LOVE when coffee places use cups and saucers, not to mention the hearts made out of foam! There’s just something so charming about it ❤

AND I got a taste of Liz’s cappacino and despite not having any sort of sugar in it, it was super good! Nicely done Stumptown!

I do like when stairs tell me that everything is going to be alright…. gives me hope for the future!

After the coffee we made our way to the MoMA for art-time merriment. Upon arrival we saw many a great pieces of art, including the gigantic Tim Burton exhibit. I didn’t really get too many pictures (the security guard yelled at me!) but I’m telling you, it was pretty fantastic.

We then roamed around the museum for a couple more hours, being all fancy and such.

I suppose it’s typical that I took a picture of a mustache on a wall.

Picasso’s le Demoiselles d’ avignon! Upon seeing this I immediately shouted out it’s name. Harry Naar would have been very proud of me.

Walking through a museum legit does work up an appetite so it was time to venture to our last destination, Katz Deli!

An extremely well known tourist attraction of NYC, Katz is most well known for their HUGE pastrami sandwiches (my dad just recently read an article that said it was the number two sandwich in the country to try!)

Although I would have probably ordered otherwise, I ended up getting just that.

Look at that sammy thar, ’tis the size of me head! Rye bread loaded up with a God knows how much pastrami… it was incredible. The pastrami was so tender and was worthy of being able to say it was melt-in-your-mouth good!

However, there was something even more appalling than the sandwich itself….

I took no prisoners and ate the ENTIRE thing. Do I regret it? Of course not! Obviously it’s not exactly #1 on the health scale but going back to my post about indulgences, they’re OK once in a while. It’s not like I shall be munching on these suckers every day or anything. It was a holiday, therefore celebrating is allowed!

The blogger in me started to get very tired and ceased taking pictures. What followed after the sandwich was the trip back to G-field, some cherry ice from Ritas, South Park episodes and LOTS of water guzzling (I felt super dehydrated)

It was a fabulous was to spend St. Patty’s day (although I didn’t get my green beer!) and I’m glad this post is FINALLY up. Sheesh! 😀


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2 responses to “Tik Tok on the clock!

  1. now I’m curious… what’s the #1 sandwich?
    I love the picture of the Katz’s sign.

    also, I was about to post how this post cut off, but you beat me to the editing haha.

    I say we have more adventures in the city! and once I’m twenty one (TWENTY DAYS AWAY!) I will make sure you get your beer!

  2. Wanda

    Keri! This post just makes me want to NYC. I miss you guys so much. And I’m glad you’re on wordpress, I can be creepy and blogstalk you now. ❤

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