Not quite Friday yet but I think I’ve finally found some time to post a little bit of bloggie goodness!

I’ve returned back to Rider land and am quite content with that. Been getting back into the groove of classes, gym-ness, eats, friends and all that jazz! Here’s some of the highlights of spring break, just for kicks!

Oh look… a panda! Cate’s fiance brought a box of these little fellas back from Singapore and I just to try them. Very mmmm worthy and with a hint of coconut flavor!

I’m kind of in love with this picture! What could be better than a SIAB and Kurt Vonnegut?!?!? I dare someone to tell me that this is not in fact a breakfast fit for a champion 😉

My mom was gracious enough to have Greek yogurt waiting for me when I first came home for break (isn’t she the best?!) Brown Cow has been creepin’ around on a few blogs and now it has arrived here. I’m a Choboni girl at heart but this cow definitely did not disappoint. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of fruit on the bottom so the fruit-to-yogurt balance was perfect!

AND they were on sale so guess who will be nom-ing on Brown Cow for a while? 😀

WHOLE.FOODS.CANNOLIS. Oh my Merlin, they were so delicious and I had to seriously restrain myself from eating the entire box (I had half of one instead!)

The cannolis were at our house because of Cate’s birthday and after the yum fest I accompanied her out to a real bar for drinks and fun shenanigans. No drunk-face for this girl though, I drove the birthday girl home! It was still a super fabulous time and I’m super happy I finally got to go!

Me, Cate (slister!) and Miss Basia (longtime friend and awesome person all around)

I shall finish this post with what was, without-a-doubt, the best thing that happened during break.

Could it be?


I ran 6 miles. 9:23 pace. No stopping. No pain. And in UNDER an hour.

It was true and complete euphoria. Words cannot describe how amazing it was… my upcoming races aren’t going to stand a chance!

I think that’s a very proper way to end the post. I only have happiness to give everyone…. enjoy the rest of the night and I shall be posting again SOON! ❤

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