Productive, yet lazy.

Oxymoron, what up.

It’s Sunday and I feel I’ve been fairly productive this morning.  I was a very lazy girl last night after having an adventure in Princeton! Unfortuately, it turns out I am still a very rookie food blogger because I only took TWO pictures the entire time!

*drops head in shame*

At least it’s a cute picture right? He was just chillin’ outside and I couldn’t help but snap a photo of him. I hope he wasn’t sitting there for too long though!

As college kids we like to take pictures with alcohol sometimes… and even more so, sometimes an RA likes to pose with the alcohol. Hahaha, lookin’ fabulous Kat!

After roaming Princeton we ended up at Taco Bell for some grubbin’ before going to see Alice in Wonderland. I didn’t actually eat Taco Bell, there was a conveniently located Subway in Princeton so I made a quick pit stop and grabbed a turkey foot-long on whole wheat with some tasty veggies. It was quite tasty and left me content.

I was tired when we got back. There was a lot of walking involved and I had also run/elliptical-ed about ten miles that morning. It was nice to sit around and do nothing for the night.

This morning, however, I have been accomplished a good amount I think. I’ve showered, done laundry, did my 17th century homework, posted all my pictures to Facebook and am now blogging! I still have MORE homework to do (not to mention an event to write!) Consistency is a virtue I’m trying to master though so blogging I must!

Like a true college kid, my current meal is consisting of organic blueberry yogurt with some granola and the rest of the bag of popcorn I was nomming on last night. Not the most healthy of things but don’t worry, my dinner will be veggie-tastic!

I’m off to try to make some more dents in my homework…. have a good rest of the day everyone! ❤


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2 responses to “Productive, yet lazy.

  1. Kat

    I was posing with the pomegranate! It makes it healthy 😉 (lets not lie to ourselves, kat…)
    love you kerila! ❤

  2. Just like the Acai berry cocktails, IT’S HEALTHY I TELL YOU!! 6_9

    Hahahaha ❤

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