I’m a superfood kinda girl.

I’ve got some time to post before I fall into the abyss of homework land. It’s cool though, hanging out in Starbucks and writing makes me feel like a professional! My day thus far has included running 4 miles this morning (with stretching) and trying out a new bar!

You’ve seen in on Jenna’s blog mainly, she’s basically the number one spokeswoman for this brand. I can definitely see why though… I give thee, the AMAZING GRASS GREEN SUPERFOOD BAR!

(haha, check out the Fitness magazine chillin’ in the background!)

I’ve read rave reviews about this bar and couldn’t control myself any longer when I saw it. The price was steep (2 bucks a bar!) but it’s worth it. Boy howdie is it worth it. Reading about it alone is enough:

Our Green SuperFood powder has a high concentration of naturally-occurring enzymes, carotenoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants that work synergistically to fight free radicals, remove toxins and repair damaged cells. Ultimately, our products contain every amino acid, vitamin, and mineral necessary to sustain human life. Since the human body is designed to get nutrition from whole foods, the body is able to efficiently and rapidly absorb the nutrients in Green SuperFood and quickly convert them to energy to fuel your body.

For the majority of people, stress and consumption of unhealthy processed foods can create an acidic imbalance in the blood that, among other problems, can cause the body to store water and build up fat in the arteries (cholesterol) as protection from acidic blood. The rich chlorophyll content and high alkalinity of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood helps to combat acidity and restore blood to the optimal pH level. It also promotes improved circulation, digestion and regular elimination.

Our bars are loaded with 2/3 of a serving of our Amazing Grass Green SuperFood drink powder. Our blend is a unique and potent combination of nature’s most nourishing, cleansing and rebuilding green superfoods and enhanced with digestive enzymes and active probiotics to improve nutrient absorption. The blend combines nutrient dense green food concentrates with superfruits like Acai, the powerful purple berry from the Amazon Rainforest, high in antioxidants, protein and healthy omegas. We also add maca, the amazing adaptagenic root grown at high altitudes in Peru that is known to provide sustained energy, boost the immune system and support vitality and mental clarity.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood provides more organic whole leaf greens per gram than any leading green superfood formula, and unlike many others, it contains no soy lecithin fillers.

Amazing Grass Organic Energy Bars are:

  • Raw
  • Cold Processed
  • Alkaline
  • Gluten Free (LOOK AMELIA!)
  • Dairy Free

They’re kind of God-ly to be honest.

I only had HALF and I’m addicted. These thing have a lot of power to them, particularly when it comes to the fullness factor. My hunger has been curbed considerably and I’m also absolutely in love with the fact that they’re GREEN on the inside. The layer of chocolate that it’s covered in is pretty epic, there’s A LOT more than most bars have. Nutritional wise? Don’t even get me started, the paragraphs explain it all… these bars mean business 🙂

Overall, I’m a Amazing Grass believer now. Fo’ sho’. What this now means is that next time I’m at Whole Foods, I’m picking up  more of these AND a packet of the green superfood powder! HA BISKY!

Gotta get ready for class… have a fantastic day everyone!


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2 responses to “I’m a superfood kinda girl.

  1. Hooray for gluten free healthy foods! I can’t wait until next year when we can all go food shopping together and find more!

    I’m definitey going to have to try these!!!!

  2. Kat

    i really want to try this now! I was reading the paragraphs going OMG WHAT IF MY BLOODS AT THE WRONG PH hahahah i need this

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