So tomorrow wasn’t exactly tomorrow, oh well, one day isn’t too bad!

Before I get to the weekend trip goodness, I just need to express the slight “bump” that my day has had. Every morning I get up at 6:20 in order to get the gym by 6:40. My body has become nicely accustomed finally and waking up is a breeze now. However, this morning I awoke and my phone said 7. BAH!

Although I went into crazy rush mode, I only managed to get the gym at 7:20. I had to be back by 8 in order to get a shower in and get ready before breakfast at 9 and just barely managed to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical and a little bit of lifting. It was an OK workout and the fact that I still went is a good thing. Maybe it’s just me though but something has just felt off about the day. I chalk this up to the process of recovery. Even though I’m doing well, when my schedule gets thrown off, I get pretty thrown off.

Anyone else get kind of nutso when their schedule gets thrown off? Would love to know other opinions!

Let’s get to something fun.

Deliteful Foods!

I had never heard of this place but Miss Amelia discovered it and made the decision that an adventure was necessary.

Can I just say I LOVE going places with another food blogger?!? The two of us were taking pictures and being all WHEEEEEEEEEE everywhere. It was fabulous!

The store prides itself on providing lots of delicious low calorie and gluten free goodies. It’s a very quaint place, possessing two different rooms that are stocked with TONS of stuff.

It was super exciting to see so many products that are all over the blogworld. I literally wanted to buy EVERYTHING! None of these things were purchased, although a box of the Annie’s cocoa and vanilla bunnies was bought by Amelia!

SINGLE SERVING OF HUMMUS! Didn’t buy it but found it truly hilarious to realize that I WOULD be that guy that had hummus in her purse… you know, just in case.

Let’s be honest, how can a place NOT be totally awesome when it has a TASTING TABLE!? Look at all the stuff… shenanigans just waiting to be tasted! Fan-freaking-tastic!

No worries though, only three purchases were made. My willpower was used very well!

This guy was one of the three. The wonders of media brought this to my attention and has been on my to-do list of things to try. I liked it and found it quite tasty; the flavor was nice, nothing even veggie related.

(and yes, I did buy a Vitatop but I have yet to eat it……. HA BISKY!)

All in all, Deliteful Foods was quaint, and catered to the needs of one of my very good friends. Trips there will be welcomed, of course…maybe there will be FOUR purchases next time! 🙂

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