Get rejected…swallow sadness…send some faxes…

I’ve got a boatload of things to blog about (including the consumption of the VITATOP!!!!) but will take care of that tomorrow. I have a surprisingly packed schedule for this weekend and there will be lots of merriment and picture taking I assure you. This includes POYDASTOCK (basically a giant carnival party) and a LADY GAGA DANCE PARTY (BEST.THING.EVER)

It’s going be fun times, rest assured. I will, however, post a very empowering Tweet that Apolo said just recently.

Be a boss today. Own it. Make moves with strength. Stay hungry. B emotional, b passionate, b different, have intensity, zero regrets.

Aside from the use of “b” instead of “be”, I’m absolutely in love with this quote… and not just because Apolo said it! It basically encompasses how a person should live everyday of their life; I especially enjoy the “stay hungry” line. It’s got a good message to it and yet is still kind of funny… you know, because it’s also basically saying that we should do things “LIKE A BOSS!” 🙂

Eat a cupcake…like a boss!

Lay in the grass… like a boss!

Laugh at this picture… like a boss!

Andddddd, you all get the idea. Enjoy the rest of the day, the rain has passed over us and it’s lovely outside! Promised updates will be posted tomorrow morning!  😀

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One response to “Get rejected…swallow sadness…send some faxes…

  1. Kat

    omg this post makes me so happy…LIKE A BOSS

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