Poydastock, Gaga and Vita-WHOA

And so ends my weekend of fabulous fun and back to a typical student life I go. It’s been a great past couples days though! So I maybe, sort of, perhaps slacked on the picture taking front (sigh) but I’m going to make up for it with my use of words and other pictures of tasty eats!

Like a banana covered with almond butter and Strawberry Chobani! I might not take the prettiest pictures but it did it’s job šŸ˜›

So…..POYDASTOCK was a complete success! I ended up working at the PHOCUS table the entire time and helping to man the beer goggle/tennis ball game. People really seemed to enjoy it, although only two managed to win! It was quite hilarious to watch people think they were throwing the tennis ball in one direction but actually have it go the opposite direction. Makes you think twice about drinking too much!

Despite being designated “ball catcher” at the table, I managed to snag a Poyda t-shirts (thanks to my wonderful roommate!) and dine on an orange snow cone, compliments of THIS lady:

Hahaha, work that ice machine!

I also spotted these shenanigans going on behind me later that day.

Neglecting her snow cone duties and in cahoots with my roomie?!? Ahahahaha, just kidding. By this point, POYDASTOCK was basically over and it was free time! But then it started to rain and we helped the Poyda staff clean up the chairs that were all over the place to show our appreciation of the event! Afterwords we ate some dinner and a bunch of us watched Reefer Madness (ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS I TELL YOU) Good time, good friends, good fun… you get the idea, it was GOOD!

Next day went by and Saturday night arrived…. the LADY GAGA DANCE PARTY.Ā  Unfortunately, the crowd was less than anticipated and people seemed very hesitant to dance; even by midnight a lot of them just didn’t seem that interested. However, the Gaga was kickin’ and our group danced the whole night through (or at least until we left!) Others took charge of the picture taking so I don’t really have much to show. I can show you what results when you ask a makeup blogger to recreate this:

You get THIS!

Doesn’t it look awesome! I had the fiercest makeup on the block and have the wonder Kat to thank. And this picture was taken AFTER I had been dancing for almost three hours!

I don’t know about anybody else but I had a FANTASTIC time at the dance party…. I think that’s my past life talking though šŸ˜‰

A parting gift for this post…

(don’t ask why I took a picture of it still in the wrapper… I’m not even sure why…)

I can honestly say that this Vitatop was one of the most best things I’ve eaten in a really long time. Triple Chocolate Chunk orgasmic is what they should call it. At only 100 calories, you would think it would be a tiny thing but it was a good sized fella! (that’s what she said!) And alas, they’re also packing 15 different vitamins AND 4 grams of protein. Heavenly? You bet your biscuit!

Topped it with a bit of almond butter and some plain (!!!) greek yogurt…………..let’s just say that I NEED to get more of them. Vitatops get two thumbs up and if I had more thumbs, they would get those too.

If you see a Vitatop, GET IT! You will not be dissappointed!

That’s all I’ve got for today…. have a great rest of the day everyone!


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2 responses to “Poydastock, Gaga and Vita-WHOA

  1. Kat

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best post ever.

  2. I agree with Kat!!!! BEST POST!

    I love your makeup! So sad I didn’t get to see it in person!

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