Run baby run! (5K recap!)

Back to some normalcy of food blogging and fun! Like I said before, making a new blog seemed futile but now it’s back to business!

And by business I mean…… THE COMPLETION OF MY SECOND 5K!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The 5K was actually short 0.06 miles….. so I apologize in advance for the technical difficulties of confusion.

It was something else though, let me tell ya. Rewind to the morning. Registration was at 9, race was at 10 and I was up at 8 (because I am a worrying kinda gal). I sat around, drank a bunch of water and chowed down on a Kashi Go-Lean bar.


I registered at around 9:20 and got antsy/stretched while I waited until 10. The time finally arrives, I line up with everyone else and after a few quick words it begins! Compared to my last 5K in November, there were a TON more people; 40 to be exact. It’s always nice to see a lot of people come up to support a good cause. Also, I was able to spot my roomie, Sam, Kat and Jen who had all come to support me 🙂 Not to mention one of my fellow English majors, Dave, happened to be running as well!

(By the by, the cause was “RUN OVER VIOLENCE” which was sponsered by an organization called Womanspace. According to their website, Womanspace, Inc. is a leading nonprofit agency in Mercer County, New Jersey, that provides comprehensive array of services to individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence and dedicated to improving the quality of life for women and their families. Definitely a cause worth running for!)

The pace started off REALLY fast and I kind of fell to the back of the pack at first. According to my Ipod, it was already an 8:45 pace! As we continued along, people began slowly down and I started passing some of them. I had my fun playlist going (Party in Your Bedroom anyone?!) and before I knew it I was already on my last mile.

My pace picked up, HARDCORE. By that time I was going at an 8:10 pace and I passed a few more people. I knew I was going faster than usual because both my compression socks fell down! WHERE THE HELL DID THIS SPEED COME FROM?!?!?!

Fast forward to 2.64 miles in, I was close and knew I was almost there. Unlike the first 5K, my Ipod went a little wonky and didn’t play “Hold Your Dreams” at the correct time; I ended up rewinding it at one point just to rehear the ending of the song when I finished the race. 😉

All I had to do was run the .06, a straight shot to the finish line and that was it. At that moment, I was struck with what I think was a weird nauseous feeling. Maybe it was from unfamiliar speed I had been running with? It only lasted for 10 seconds at most but it was still rather uncomfortable. However, I saw my friends and I saw the end and broke out into a full-on sprint….. and that was it.

DONE.DONE.DONE.DONE.DONE. I had completed my second real race and felt absolutely fantastic! My little cheering section was there, telling me they were proud of me and there were hugs and pictures and it really made me SO SO SO happy. I didn’t think it could get that much better until I found out the following things:

  • According to them, I was the first woman to finish!!!!
  • I came in 14th place out of 40!!!!
  • MY TIME WAS 24:51!!!!!!!!!!

Although it wasn’t a full on 5K, even with the extra time (which I guesstimate to be maybe a minute at the very most) I would still have been under 26 minutes!!!!!!! I still can’t believe it. I’ve never run that fast IN MY LIFE and throughout the whole race (forgive this corniness) it felt so natural and I honestly felt like my true self.

Afterward, we headed to Dalys (I was hungryyyyy!) and I enjoyed an egg & mushroom sandwich with sides of carrots, strawberries and pinepapple… and a glass of chocolate milk 😉


My runner’s high has been with my ALL DAY. And it’s still kind of surreal. Might not have been a big deal for most but I’m proud of myself, truly and wholeheartedly proud!!


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