Clif side view!

Using my food blog for news writing shenanigans? Done and done. I put those entries on private and am back to the norm. As much as I love stretching the horizons of my abilities, I’ll take writing about food any day. I’ve become a failure blogger once again and haven’t written about food/exercise since my 5K last week. Oops.

In order to make up for this, I decided to make this a theme entry! And what is this elusive theme you ask?


Now, Clif Bars and I have just developed a relationship recently. Back in the days of ED, I remember picking up one of these bars, see 250 calories and immediately throw it back down. That much for a bar? In my mind, it was similar to that of eating straight up fat.

I was dumb, a dumb dumb dumb dumb girl who knew absolutely nothing about anything, particularly the benefits of protein and consuming nutrients in order to sustain energy. Now, however, it’s a different story. Clif Bars and I have fallen in love and I would like to express my love with the blogworld.

Cranberries has become STOCKED with Clif Bars and I’ve had the joy of tasting a plethora of the flavors. Here’s a hundred couple reviews 😀

Carrot Cake is first on the agenda. Carrots have been my enemy for who knows how long but since coming back from winter break I suddenly started liking them out of nowhere. Now it’s at the point where I crave for them! Betacarotine… awwwwaaaaayyy!  I could see the pieces of carrot chillin’ in the bar (very small but they couldn’t escape me!) and the taste of actual carrot wasn’t overpoweringly there. The bar also had a nice frosting-esq. kind of deal going on. Not my super duper favorite but still VERY tasty!



I recall reading a rave review about this particular bar on one of the blogs and it’s good, damn good. My sweet tooth was extremely pleased with this delicious creation. It’s kind of chocolately, kind of nutty and kind of awesome in every sense possible. This is number one on my list of flavors I’ve tasted thus far!

What does everyone think of my book of Milton? 17th Century Literature is epic, I know! 🙂

Ooooh this bar is definitely a close second. Like I just said, I’ve got a killer sweet tooth so the presence of maple in this bar brought me MUCH happiness. That’s a warning right there though, this bar is VERY sweet and I was almost at the point of feeling guilty about eating it… it was like having dessert!

Anything with almond and cherry in it is destined to be good… and it was! Nice balance of the two flavors and another win! (how do Clif Bars manage to be so consistent?!?) Hahaha.

OK, I know it seems that I’ve been saying this the entire entry but THIS is definitely one of my top favorites. To put it in simple terms, this bar tasted EXACTLY like a peanut butter cookie…… I think that speaks for itself!

And that’s all I’ve got so far. I know I have had more flavors but if there’s no picture I shall not review it! See that? Food blog mantra… TAKE PICTURES!!! Back to the main point though, Clif Bars are incredible, filling and perfect wherever you’re going and need an awesome pick-me-up snack! I plan on buying as many more as I can with the week at Rider I have left 🙂

Good place to end the entry? I think so. I would like to end on this note…

I’m on a LOTR kick and have an unnatural obsession with Gimli. Have a fantastic rest of the day everyone! 😀



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