2nd semester, it’s been ballin’

It’s been more than a week since I last posted… I’m going to skip my traditional apology (I’m going to start sounding like a broken record!) and just get down to some pictures. Sighhh. I’m officially home for the summer from Rider and have begun unpacking as I have never unpacked before. I needed to take a break so blogging seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

We’ll call this an end-of-the-year sort of thing I suppose!

Every Tuesday and Thursday since February, this has been my breakfast. What we’ve got here is whole wheat bread with peanut butter, a cut up banana, some hidden cranberries and a little bit of honey. It got me through my class with ease and kept me good and full! Obviously, I have all intentions of recreating this for home enjoyment!

(helllllloooooo Apolo Ohno pink bandana!)

I made my way through my first jar of Sunbutter and am IN LOVE! Like I seem to be saying with all the nut butters I have ever tried ever, it’s totally worth the money; although Sunbutter isn’t as expensive as others ($5 a jar). Always loved the taste of sunflower seeds (aah, reminds me of my days of softball!) so this one is definitely a keeper. And, in true food blogger style, I didn’t let any of it go to waste and enjoyed a farewell OIAJ! My next jar awaits 😀

I realized that this is one of the best snacks ever. A banana cut in half, then the halves are cut in half (longways!) and topped with any kind of nut butter and a spoonful of yogurt on each. Rider snack 2010!

And of course, I ate cupcakes.

Maybe too many cupcakes for my own good?

Then again, I don’t really care either way…I’m in love! But for the record, these three cupcakes were consumed over the course of four months, not all at once! 😉

I think some social life pictures are in order? It’s been a pretty badass semester at Rider I must say!

For starters, I finally turned the big 21 and enjoyed many a-drinks because of it (including this monster that we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at!)

There was LOTS of snow second semester… and I loved every minute of it. Well, says the child born in January anyway!

Like I said, being 21 does have some lovely perks! Pictured is a drink I actually don’t remember the name of but I know it was raspberry lemonade flavored and it had tequila in it. Haha and see that mixer in the back that’s full? Yeah, that was all for meeee. No worries though, I honestly wasn’t affected by the alcohol. My tolerance is weird like that. The martini belonged to my roomie and it was COTTON CANDY flavored! Ridiculous, I know! She said the last bit of it was super strong and super sweet… cheers roomie! And you can tell by Sam’s face that she was clearly jealous (oh, and that’s Amelia’s finger) 😀

Lady Gaga dance party… need I say more?

Switlik C309 enjoyed the wonder that is seasons of ANGEL on DVD… there’s no place like Plrtz Glrb!

And you know… just acted like complete crazy girl and enjoyed every minute of it!

It’s been one hell of a year and now, well, now I’m kind of, sort of, a senior. I’ve absolutely loved everything about my junior year and can only hope that my last year in college exceeds all expectations!


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