Not exactly a grownup yet

As a now senior in college, I should have my resume done. I should have a sort of real job.

There are a lot of things I should have done but haven’t yet. However, I am happy to say that I’m in the process of doing those things. To be honest though, I’m kicking myself for not doing my resume at Rider when I had the chance; it’s a big ole’ pain to do on your own! Currently, I’m trying to make myself sound as professional as possible and writing down important things in my new planner. Like I said, progress.

And what’s progress without some good eats to keep me going?

Oatmeal pancakes with chopped apple, cinnamon and some drizzled almond butter! Made the pancakes from scratch and personally I thought they tasted a little off. Next time, I’m going to experiment with a different recipe. Live and learn!

(the light in the dining room makes everything photograph so much nicer!)

I ended up running about 5.2 miles yesterday and needed some fuel to fix me! A piece of light rye bread covered in hummus with a slice of thin ham, 3/4 of a Special K fruit crisp bar, a couple strawberries and a pineapple Chobani with a tbsp of granola and a few blueberries. NOM.

And, in the spirit of being home, I made some…. can you guess?

RAINBOW CUPCAKES! Obvs. My niece’s class was having a party in school and asked me if I could make them. Naturally I said yes, I’m always up for baking!

An attempt at fancy photo of them. Couldn’t cut any in half so I wasn’t able to get a look to see if the colors were well distributed or not. From the looks of it though, they came out quite well!

And I munched on a new Clif Bar flavor!

The flavor was tasty and the apple component was what was most prominent. Although I really enjoyed it, my sweet tooth prefers the ones with the chocolate and peanut butter and stuff. That’s the child in me I suppose 😉

And this is enough procrastination on my behalf, I must return to my attempt at being an adult. Enjoy the rest of the day everyone (watch out for the thunderstorms!)

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