A food blogger needs no explanation!

Today, I explained to my dad that I was a food blogger. What happened was that after the 20th time seeing my take a picture of my food, he asked me why. I then went through a full-length explanation of WHAT a food blogger exactly is and the gigantic community that has come into existence because of it. From what it seems, he still doesn’t get it but that’s OK… food blogging is a tricky business 😉

And being a food blogger means that PICTURES OF FOOD are required! I’ve got boatload of them too… like I said in the last post, food stuffs have been plentiful, healthy and awesome!

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the cardboard. It’s so convenient and versatile as well! This one was topped with some PB, 2 spoonfuls of Chobani strawberry and a spoonful of granola…. so good!

Isn’t it pretty? This was seriously the PERFECT dessert. I mixed some lite cool whip with some plain Chobani yogurt and topped it with cut up blackberries and strawberries. It satisfied my sweet tooth and I was no longer desperate to devour that new gallon of pistachio almond ice cream that my parents bought 😉

Like I said, versatile! My dad made chili in the beginning of the week and needless to say, I’ve been eating it alllllllll week. He’s an awesome cook but chili is by far the best thing he makes. All the ground beef he uses is super lean and he doesn’t slack on the veggies! Seriously, it’s the best and look! The cardboard makes a great replacement for tortilla chips. And even more awesome, I’ve discovered that plain greek yogurt is a FANTASTIC replacement for sour cream… I’ve been converted and am never going back now!

Let’s move away from cardboard chatter, shall we?

My first bowl of REAL stove top oats! I’m a believer now that these oats really tasted so much better than my usual microwave ones. I followed the expertise set by Kath and sliced the banana thinly, cooked the oats for 5 minutes (then stirred vigorously!) and added half milk/half water. I then topped my bowl with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and almond butter.

Stove top oats > microwave oats. HANDS DOWN!

Oh hey, dinner!

Sweet potato that was cut into thin slices, mixed with some EVOO/pepper/salt/garlic powder, a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and a George Foreman turkey burger topped with garlic hummus. Er… and some not-so-healthy ketchup……. whoops!

I honestly am in love with George Foreman… his grill is like WHOA awesome. Marinate some chicken and throw in on that bad boy and tada! A serving of protein, at your service! Alongside the chicken was an awesome salad with romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and a slice of swiss cheese for good measure!

I think I’m starting to get good at my meals, no? 😀


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2 responses to “A food blogger needs no explanation!

  1. kat

    everything looks so great! i never thought to eat yogurt instead of sour cream… hmm. and the cardboard sounds fun!!! i love all the berryness you’ve got going on.

  2. Just one more thing that I love about the summer… BERRIES EVERYWHEREEEEE!

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