Put it on the blog!

Pictures are necessary to start off this post.

This is my dad’s dinner from yesterday. He asked me to take a picture of it so he can be on “the blog”…. the guy has become quite the fan of it if you ask me. Every meal I eat now he now says, “Oh did you take a picture of it yet?” Hahaha. I must say, I appreciate his enthusiasm!

To counteract his cold cut filled creation, my mom was kind enough to purchase me some sort of whole wheat/grain roll!

Loaded up that bad boy with some ham, some chicken (both sliced VERY thinly), tomato, romaine, swiss cheese and a mixture of mustard/hummus. SO GOOD. I loved the bread, it was nice and doughy and chewy. And a sandwich isn’t complete with LOTS of GREEEEEEN on the side! Spinach salad and green beans. Ohm nom nom.

And at times, I eat meals and I proceed to take up half of the dining room table.

Grapes, hummus, carrots, peach Chobani, water bottle, coffee, cell phone… everything but the kitchen sink!

Flowers anyone?

I got skills 😀

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