Highlight of my day:  I was reading a book on the porch and my mom there also doing work. I stood up to go get my water and she said to me, “What happened to your right leg? It looks like you’ve got a bruise.” Mad confused, I start looking to see if I magical had a bruise (FYI, I NEVER bruise. Ever.) She stands up, pokes my leg where she thinks the bruise is and says, “Oh, that’s your muscle. Nevermind.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA, thank you for noticing my leg muscles mom…although should I be nervous that they appear to look like bruises? Cripes!

Awesome eats from the past couple days. Including my first attempt at Kath’s world famous Overnight OIAJ!!!

Goodbye MaraNatha!

And helloooooooo delicious breakfast! The night before I mixed together:

  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 2 spoonfuls plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2 tbsp wheat germ
  • 1 tbsp walnuts

The next morning I got SUPER creative and topped the concotion with cinnamon covered half of an apple that was warmed in the microwave. The verdict?

It was nasty 😉

Keeping with the theme of awesome breakfasts, this mornings creation was definite keeper! My parents were generous enough to buy me a bag of whole wheat flour and I knew that there was no better way to break in the new bag than by making…. PANCAKES!!! I headed to my go-to place of and used a few different components to create what I hoped was a bangin’ recipe.

Perfectly symmetrical and they turned out pretty good! The taste of the whole wheat was pretty strong but I really enjoyed it. I actually got this far and then realized that I forgot to add the brown sugar that I had wanted to add! Derrrrrrrr. After adding it I made the rest of the batter and grabbed two to dress up and make pretty!

And made pretty I did! I mixed together a truly glorious combo of almond butter and vanilla greek yogurt and topped it all with cut up blackberries. HOLY CRAP! It was amazingly good. The heartiness of the pancakes along with the AB/yog/BB masterpiece all came together super well and was super satisfying as well. WIN! My sister seemed to enjoy them as well. Her wedding is in September so her and her fiance have gone all healthy conscious (yay!) so she was quite excited to see the wheatiness there for her enjoyment. Although I love the way they turned out too, there are a few things I’m going to tweak the next time I make them. However, that probably won’t be for a while. Why? Well, that recipe yielded a lot and I now have 2 bags stuffed with pancakes freezing away! 🙂 Like I said though, WIN!

Moving on, moving on.


Ohhhh green monster, how I adore thee so!

And we can’t forget dinnaaaaah!

I can’t resist when good ole’ fashioned burgers are in the works! Of course I “healthed” it up with romaine, tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms and a slice of whole grain bread. Yummm, there’s just something about a burger and the summer and it’s just good things all around!

Oh hello side of broccoli, how are you? Hahahaha.

And last, but certainly not least….cardboard

(My sister laughed at me the other day because sometimes I bite things and THEN remember to take a picture!)

PB and greek yogurt with some dark chocolate peppermint bites? Oh yeahhhhhh.

That’s the end of the entry…. TONIGHT IS THE BIGGEST LOSER FINALE!!!!!!!!

My mom and I have been avid fans of the show since it first began and have watched EVERY SINGLE SEASON. This season certainly didn’t dissappoint and I can hardly contain myself! WHEEEEEEEEEEE! 😛

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