Molto bene!

Oh dear, I hope the Italian in the title is correct!

As promised, this here is the blog post dedicated to the creation of good ole’ fashioned Italian cannolis! Granted, I am not Italian and am instead an Irish French-Canadian but when it comes to food, discrimination is non-existent!

My sister Cate’s bridal shower was the prompt to the idea of making the cannolis in the first place. For some reason, it became a verrrrrrrry long process. Chubby Chubby looked all over the place for recipes and after two weeks of waiting, I was finally allowed to make them.

The recipe was ULTRA simple to follow.

Make the dough and let chill for 1-2 hours. Waiting was a pain, I started getting ansty so I did Wii yoga for an hour.

Next was to roll it out and create the actual shells.

Chubby Chubby has made cannolis before, having created the wooden rolling tubes himself, so it was a breeze! We used a simple glass to get the proper size/shape and egg white to hold ’em together!

Fryer time! It’s still rather disheartening that my kitchen has it’s very own deep fryer but I suppose that if it can help me make delicious treats then I can come to a mutual understanding with it 😉

Whoops! These were two of the ones that Chubby Chubby rolled before he decided that manning the fryer would be better.

Not to toot my own horn (HONK HONK) but I really got the hang of it after a while.

Heh, doesn’t it look like my finger is the filling? 😀

The dough yielded A LOT of cannolis; definitely more than I thought!

30 in all I think.

The next day I set out to make the filling. It was a super easy recipe but had caused a bit of a problem. Like I said before, Chubby Chubby scoured the internet for good long time to find the perfect recipe. What he discovered was that every single filling recipe called for candied citron.

THIS is candied citron and I have never heard of it.

Regular stores don’t carry it and it wasn’t until my parents took a trip to our beloved Corrados that they managed to obtain a container of it. I tried a chunk of it and to be honest, there wasn’t much of a taste to it. Slightly citrus-y but not too much so. Either way, the recipe called for a CUP of it. Chubby Chubby put it in the food processor and tried to chop it as finely as possible. It did turn from greenish to white, that was weird. And let me just tell you, that stuff was STICKYYYYY.

AHAHAHAHAHA, my apologies for the slight intermission. This is one of my favorite things that has ever been on The Soup EVER.

Fast forward through my random ADD and all the mixing shenanigans and me fighting with my makeshift piping bag AKA plastic bag and fancy-schmancy cannolis were born!

These could pass for store made I think! 😀

My thoughts for next time:

  • The dough is going to be made the exact same way; it was absolutely perfect.
  • Next time though, I’m going to try to roll the shells a little thinner
  • As for the filling, the citron is staying out. It’s not like adding it made the filling gross (it was pretty good!) but the citron caused the filling to have a pretty strong citrus flavor as well as these weird chewy bits. Somehow, I don’t think cannolis should have a plethora of chewy bits in the filling. Next time, I’ll probably substitute it for some fresh lemon/orange zest or some sort of flavoring.
  • And of course, chocolate chips in the ENTIRE batter. It just tastes better!

Overall, another success! These are definitely going to be recreated in the near future 😀


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