It’s been a HUGE weekend.

I’m hoping that because my schedule is going to start getting fairly busy then maybe I can blog more regularly out. Optimism is the key to all the good things in life! Enough talk though, let’s get into the review for my most recent workout.

3) 20 minute SWEAT workout with Holly Perkins

She had REALLY long pigtails in her hair and that was a little off-putting to me for some reason; I’m not too sure why. Pigtails aside, my mom was going to do the workout with me so I thought 20 minutes would be good. However, once the jumping jacks/cardio started, my mom bailed and left me and Pigtails to finish. All in all, the workout was decent. 20 minutes just isn’t long enough for and I need at least 45 minutes of exercise to feel like I’ve accomplished something. So yes, decent but definitely not the best.

As you can see I’ve only tried out ONE new workout and that’s because I’m been immersed in a birthday weekend extravaganza. My past few days have been filled with good friends, awesome times, TOY STORY 3 (which was INCREDIBLE BY THE BY) and of course, FOOD AND BOOZE. However, because I am a failure blogger I took NO pictures of the festivities. FAIL.

…but a dog wearing a leis makes up for it, right? 🙂

One thing I will say is that in honor of my girl Amelia, I took my first stab at preparing gluten free brownies! I found this makeshift recipe on the interwebz and actually ended up doing a heck of a lot of tweaking to it. I WISH I had taken a picture of the damn things because to be honest, they came out so much better than I thought they would! For now, the full recipe and my thoughts will be in tomorrow’s post. Cliffhanger!

One more thing for this post because I legit can’t contain myself about it.

Sam and I watched the pilot episode this morning and, well, I have some feelings about this show… although there’s debate as to whether the feelings are good. The show is about a group of teenagers at a fat camp and to be honest, the show downright rubbed me the wrong way. The main character, a girl named Will, is so negative and she acts like a complete b*tch throughout the entire episode, this includes humiliating another girl for absolutely NO reason. Granted, I appreciate that she loves her body and she loves herself but it does not excuse her awful behavior. I don’t really like how the other characters were portrayed and I was completely thrown off when the writers threw a bulimic girl into the mix. Undeniably, the show tugged at my heart strings so I’m going to continue watching it because I would love if it could redeem itself. Guess I’ll find out next Sunday…

And that’s all she wrote…and she certainly wrote a lot! Tomorrow will include the brownie recipe and some other food shots that I forgot about! Have a lovely day everyone!


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3 responses to “It’s been a HUGE weekend.

  1. I wanted to chat a bit about “Huge.” With the overwhelming success of the marketing juggernaut “Biggest Loser,” “Losing It with Jillian” and the upcoming “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” all of which carry an uplifting message of hope and the promise of a better quality life through work and hard effort, we had to expect the backlash of a show that is sympathetic to self acceptance with no effort toward self improvement. “Huge” is one of these shows. It feeds off of loathing self deprecation and sympathizes low self esteem. “I’m fat and I’m happy” is what it attempts to scream.
    The reason the main character is a whiny miserable person is because being huge is miserable. Sadly I can see it now, thousands of people around the world tuning in saying “Yeah, you go girl, be yourself” while they gorge themselves on heavily processed frozen pizzas, Twinkies and cheetos while they wallow in their own self pity. It is a venue of codependent crap. It teaches people that it is OK to be unhealthy. A 5’5” woman should never ever ever weigh over 200 pounds. No ones ass should be that big. Baby got back? Baby got heart disease and will statistically spend more time in hospitals and doctors offices than a more reasonable proportioned person. Eat less, move more.
    Self improvement is a choice. It is not easy, but it leads to such a more satisfying life than that of misery, sitting around waiting for heart disease or cancer.
    I implore you not to advocate this show and boycott watching as its agenda is based upon misery loving company and it will bring nothing positive into your world. If no one watches it, the network will replace it with something more uplifting.

  2. One of the things that I’ve learned is that self love is one of the absolute keys to living life completely and to the fullest. However, I can definitely see your point and it definitely can explain some of my feelings as to why I don’t like the main character Will. I didn’t mention it in the post but the girl whom Will tortures IS actually trying to be healthy and IS actually trying to lose weight. I tend to get over-analytical with these things (even though it’s just a TV show) so I associated Will’s meanness/overpowering confidence with jealousy and her own vast insecurities about herself. When it comes down to it though, self love is essential to life but another essential factor is treating your body with the respect it needs and deserves. The show just doesn’t seem to be fully expressing that….

    And unfortunately, I just can’t boycott the show. I’m one of those people who need to see how the entirety of something pans out…. it’s just one of those things for me!

  3. You have such a healthy outlook on life! I agree with you completely.
    I will point out that “just a TV show” may not be a great expression because TV shows effect people. We become emotionally involved because we relate to the characters in the story. You said it yourself that you “need to see the entirety of (how) something pans out.” If I sat you in a room and put on a documentary about how penicillin was created or a 12 our history of head cheese, I’m not so sure your views would remain the same. The emotional attachment to the characters is how they hook people into watching. My point is that if you like the second girl on the show and watch it to follow her story line, you are also exposed to the lead girl, Wills story and the negativity it projects.

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