Hot diggity dog!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today is the day to proudly be an American and enjoy life and all that good stuff. Barbeques, beer, fireworks, red, white and blue and…….



I blogged last month abut my love for competitive eating and the fact that I actually got to watch it this year was truly awesome. Granted, I would have killed to have been at Coney Island to truly enjoy the event but sitting on my living room floor in a dress was just as fun. This girl got so into it that she took notes and made her 10-year-old niece watch it with her; yes, I took notes. Final results first and then my other junk.

  1. Joey Chestnut kept his title and ate 54 hot dogs.
  2. Tim “Eater X” Janus came in second with 45 hot dogs
  3. Pat Bertoletti rounded out third with 37 hot dogs

Not the least bit surprised by the results but I have a huge crush on Eater X so obviously I was gunning for him to win. Legit, every time he came on the screen I squealed like a loser. You know, some girls get excited for actors and singers but me? I’ll take the competitive eater 😛

One major factor to this year’s contest that had to be kept in mind. I heard a couple of days ago that the 6 time champion, Takeru Kobayashi, wasn’t taking part in the contest, which I assumed to be a lie. I mean, he HAD to be there, his international celebrity status had its roots firmly planted in THIS contest. However, as they introduced the 16 eaters that were to be competing, it was true; the number 1 competitive eater in the world did not partake in the biggest competitive eating event in the world. According to sources:

“Because of a contract dispute with the event’s organizer. Kobayashi, 32, has balked at signing an exclusivity clause with the group, and can’t compete unless he does.”

Not because of the jaw issues that cost him to lose his title two years ago but because of CONTRACT issues? Come on guy, let’s get real. Current reigning champion Joey Chestnut’s feelings were pretty apparent about the matter. When asked how he felt about seeing Kobayashi in the crowd, Chestnut said this, AND I quote:

“If he was a real man he’d be on the stage.”

…whoa. Talk about food fightin’ words! But I agree with him on this, it’s not about the contract or the money or the sponsors, it’s about pride and that awesome mustard yellow belt.

It IS pretty awesome I must say.

Something even more crucial to the contest was the sudden change of rules! I was disheartened to learn that instead of the normal time span of 12 minutes, the contest had been cut down to a mere 10. If everyone was expecting Chestnut to possibly beat his record last year of 68, they were hoping for something that probably wouldn’t happen. Those 2 minutes are CRUCIAL; there’s a huge difference at stake when Chestnut averages about 7 hot dogs per minute. Think about it, he ate 54 but add-on 14 more from those two extra minutes and BOOM, 68 hot dogs. You know though, it’s impressive no matter what, 54, 68 or otherwise!

Other things that I took note of:

  • There were TWO female competitors. Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas and Juliet Lee. Thomas is the number 5 eater  in the world (holding over 36 different records!)and statistics wise, both women are in their 40s and weigh 105 pounds each. These are TINY girls who somehow possess the ability to consume an incredible amount of food.
  • ESPN informed me that Chestnut’s record of 68 hot dogs/buns equals out to 20,196 calories. HOLY SH*T. No words for how that makes me feel… moving on.
  • Each eater had their own ref watching them to ensure that the contest was as fair as possible
  • One competitor, know as the Notorious B.O.B., told the correspondent that he the 4 days prior to the contest he had been consuming only yogurt and protein drinks, no solid food what-so-ever. The complete list of results isn’t up yet but I’m super curious to see how that strategy worked out for him.
  • When the event started, Chestnut and Eater X were pretty close for the first 2 minutes. Then, in true champion style, Chestnut slowly began pulling ahead until he had a firm 10 hot dog lead.
  • The oldest competitor was 46 years old and the youngest was 21… I REALLY want to the see the complete final results! Boo, why aren’t they on the internet already?
  • AND, of course, Eater X somehow managed to look absolutely sexy after he finished shoving 45 hot dogs into his face. Soooo, what does that say exactly about my personality?!?

Oh my gaaaah. Hahaha. I told my niece I wanted to date him. Image that… I would be competitive food eater’s girlfriend! That might just be the best fantasy ever. 😀

And THAT, my friends, are my thoughts and complete recap of the 2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. No too shabby if I do say so myself. Next year, I’m GOING to Coney Island… it’s gonna happen.

With the talk of food upon food upon food… let’s end with my current eats for the day.

A piece of multi-grain bread with half of a smushed banana, peanut butter and honey pressed together on the George Foreman grill? SO GOOD. Round that out with half an apple, grapes and some more PB and you’ve got a pretty good ole’ fashioned America meal…. I think? SURE!

That’s it for this entry. I’ve got a new review for another workout which will be up tomorrow morning (ALONG WITH THE RECIPES I PROMISE) Enjoy the day everyone!



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4 responses to “Hot diggity dog!

  1. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth…
    Hot dogs are all the left over bits of gunk that drop off when they … eww.
    I just gagged.
    Yuck. Just…yuck.
    That guy needs the Activia challenge. And Pepto.

  2. I cannot imagine eating so many hot dogs. It does remind me of that time Liam shoved a whole hot dog and bun in his mouth. Good times.

    Happy fourth of July!

    Funny. Note: in the photo… what is the guy holding? PEPTO! Wad-I-tell-ya!

  4. Hahahaha, yeah Pepto is a sponser of the event! As soon as Chestnut finished the competition he grabbed immediately the bottle and started downing it.

    And Amelia, I don’t know what I would do if I saw you in the hot dog eating contest……. 😀

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