No wonder she had her own TV show.

Hows about some workout reviews before bed? Nothing like thinking about exercise to make a girl sleepy, right?

Right. Let’s begin.

5) Power Circuit Total Body— compliments of Jackie Warner

(She even LOOKS kind of scary…..)

When I first saw her I immediately said out loud, “Hey it’s that lesbian that had the workout show on Bravo!” Never watched the show but, well, I should have… I could have been warned. Out of all the workouts I have tried out, this one might just be number one on my list. I mean, Rock Body workout involved a lot of cardio and constant movement but this one was ALL ABOUT STRENGTH. I loved, loved, loved the way the workout was setup. Basically for each muscle group (and she made sure to hit EVERY important one!) there were three strength moves, you did each move for a minute and then did all three for a fourth and final minute. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it is….. oh my bisky it is. A day later, and I kid you not, every single muscle that I focused on during that workout was sore as all hell. I think that speaks enough for itself… sorry Jillian but this one might just be my favorite workout so far! You go Jackie!

6) OK, so I don’t actually remember the name…. it was like Less Yoga, More something something……er, the instructor’s name was Lizbeth Garcia though!

(HAHAHAHAHA I had to use this picture because when I Googled her name this came up and then I proceeded to laugh about it for five minutes straight)

Like I have said before, I’m Senor Suck when it comes to yoga and this one was even worse than the Jillian one. When I say that I mean worse on behalf of myself and my inability to balance correctly. Lots of whining (“Waaaaaah I can’t do side planks”) and some typical falling over were included. The repetitions were actually just quick transitions to different yoga poses; there was no real focus on specific muscles. I dunno, this workout may have been repetition based like Jillian’s but it just didn’t do it for me. Live and learn though!


Well, I’m beat. Hahaha. Tomorrow morning’s post will feature dinner/breakfast and a pesky other review that I couldn’t do because I legit don’t remember the name or anything about it. Whoops! Nighty Night all πŸ˜€


RECIPES?!?! πŸ˜›

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