4 reviews = lots of words.

During work, usually whomever I’m shadowing keeps me in the loop of what they’re doing and I usually take notes. A lot of the time, however, they can’t really keep talking to me and explaining the fact that they’re doing research. What I have learned though is that those time periods where I’m just sitting are the PERFECT times to write my reviews! So finally I finished up my HUGE review as well as the 3 workouts! Fabulous! Let’s get started shall we?

#7 Cardio Calorie Burn with Kendell Hogan

(I love his shorts!)

So the name of this workout deceived me, it sounded like it would be good and challenging; maybe if I had read the summary I would have known what to expect. It sounded hard but essentially it wasn’t. What it turned out to be was a jazzercise aerobic kind of thing. By the end I was actually sweating but it was by far less intense than any of the other workouts I’ve done. It was fun though and the time flew by a lot quicker. Basically I got to dance for a half hour straight, which is fine by me! It’s one of those workouts that you have to pair with another one though. Fun but I need more.

#8 Arms with Attitude: Kathy Kaehler

(Nice jumpsuit girl, although you should probably stop stealing from Sue Sylvester‘s closet)

You know, when a workout tells you that a stability ball is needed, you can’t omit the damn stability ball. This workout called for one so I was lacking a crucial component but decided to do it anyway. Thus, I made up half the workout with my own shenanigans and disregarded half of what she was telling me to do. Instead of ball crunches I did regular crunches and after a certain point I just started doing moves from other workouts I had done. Guess I can’t properly say anything about it because I did sort of do it wrong. Although, for the record, I DID feel soreness in my arms the next day!

#9 Give me 10 Core! with Amy Dixon

(The record was 12 minutes… it should be GIVE ME 12! Just saying.)

I liked this girl. When she spoke, she timed her voice with the music and the number of repetitions/beginnings/endings of circuits which gave the whole thing an oddly fun beat. Otherwise, it was a typical short timed workout. Squats with a weight, side planks, oblique twists with a weight and obviously there were lunges. I swear, in order to become a personal trainer you have to be ridiculously lunge happy! It was quick and pretty solid, good for some toning work right after cardio.

Tada! 3 reviews done and done. NOW for the one that you’ve all been waiting for (and when I say that I’m kidding….) HUGE, episode 2:

OK, I’m coming to realize that the show is really trying hard to pull on the heartstrings of those who actually watch it. I must admit, after this last episode I have a teeny, tiny bit more sympathy for Will. The theme of the episode was about writing letters to home and at the end Will wrote a letter to her parents that she ended up ripping into pieces. In it she said something along the lines of, “I hate when you tell me I’m not a good enough daughter and how you always comment on my weight. It HURTS, it really hurts.” I must say, it’s about time she showed some real emotion. However, I still don’t like her character. She still continuously acted like a superior brat, started random arguments for no reason and is still against losing weight. At one point the girl who she tortured, Amber, comments on cut out pictures of full-figured statues that Will has on the walls near her bed. Will saw her looking and says, in a snotty voice, “It’s my fatspiration.” WHOA girl, that’s just wrong from every imaginable stand point. That being said, my conclusion regarding this show is that it has absolutely no interest in really promoting healthy lifestyle choices and is just a typical teenage drama; it just so happens that it takes place in a fat camp.

One thing I do like is that Amber and the counselor/trainer man (who is a VERY attractive fellow) may been developing some sort of attraction thing with each other. I like her character and I want her to get the guy, that’s really about it reason why.

With the rest of the characters, what appears to rule this show is unnecessary side plots that are way too vague. Two campers are apparently siblings but aren’t telling anyone, Amber’s homelife appears to be messed up (or at least that’s the impression we’re given after a 2 minute phone conversation with her mother), the head of the camp has daddy issues because he’s now in her life and she hasn’t told her mother about it. And let’s not forget the ridiculously lame Jillian Michaels ripoff. One thing that I DID like was that the head of the camp’s father, who is also the camp cook, made muffins and specificially said that he made them with blueberries, flax seed and used applesauce instead of butter. Hey look! Something relevant to a healthy life, kudos old man!

And that’s about it with my babbling. I’m going to continue to watch it because I’ve invested myself too much. It’s not-so-much because I actually like the show, it’s more of a “let’s see what they’re going to do next” deal. New episode is tonight…. ooohhh booooyyyyyyy.

Well, that was a post full of lots of words and not too many pictures. My apologies. Tonight’s post will include pictures and fun things and no actual reviews. Spleeee! Have a happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. I can’t wait to see you doing these in West Village. =D

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