Score one for being healthy!

Still lacking on getting the knack of consistency. BOO! Oh well, breakfast anyone?

(Unopen blinds makes for awkward lighting!)

I woke up to this morning and was immediately greeted by my mom who proudly announced to me that she made whole wheat waffles for breakfast! Awwwwwwww, look at my mom doing healthy things!

(Um, please ignore the sock on the table……)

We’re in the midst of a fruit drought in my house so cherries were the topping of choice. It’s a pain in the butt to cut them and take the pits out but oh so worth it…. to think that I used to HATE cherries back when I was a young thang. And along with the cherries I topped the waffles with half a container of vanilla Chobani and maybe a tbsp of almond butter. Holy Merlin, it’s THE BEST COMBINATION EVER and I would gladly take that over maple syrup anyday! Yeehaw!

I made cookies the other day because my mom said she was in the mood for them.

What we’ve got here is a typical oatmeal raisin cookie recipe with the substitute of whole wheat flour (IT’S TAKING OVER OUR HOUSE!) However, I really think these should be called raisin raisin cookies. We like raisins in this house and when you give me a bag full of them, I’m going to USE them. Instead of 1 cup, I used 2 and boy howdy were the raisin flowin’! They were a little hard to keep together when I was putting them on the pan (although delicious, raisins don’t really possess any sort of holding power) but the end result was fabulous. Still had the oatmeal cookie taste that we all know and love but every cookie had at least 3 giant raisins in them. Good sweetness and tasty, er, taste! 😀

Have to go shower and put on my business casual! I honestly can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoy dressing this way… am I really going to post another picture of what I wore to work the other day?

Yes, yes I will. Sometimes I buy little black dresses for $15 and get white flats for free and then feel the need to take a picture of myself in the mirror. Fancy schmancy! 😀

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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One response to “Score one for being healthy!

  1. kat

    you look gorgeous and omg cherry vanilla yogurt whole wheat waffles sound like heaven!

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