This post is SO not a drag.

I’m in the midst of digesting before I workout for an hour and my breakfast looked pretty so that’s kind of a no brainer.

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen the one challenge was based on presentation… I wanted to play too! (I even opened the window all the way to avoid awkward blinds!) This sandwich was actually super simple. Two pieces of rye bread with almond butter and strawberries pressed on the George Foreman. On the side is some plain Chobani and MOAR strawberries. It was kind of like an Au Jus Sandwich!

Without the meat beef……..and the gravy…….

It was still banging though! 😀

My half hour waiting period is just about up so it’s time to get muh sweat on! Once Jujubee stops being so beautiful on Pix morning news, then I can truly begin.

Man or woman, it kind of doesn’t matter, she’s just super fierce. I love drag queens, so much. I decided that in my next life I’m going to be one.

Personally, I’m kind of in love with Pandora Boxx… I even follow her on Twitter.

“I don’t know what we’re talking about so I just said ‘I have a lovely bunch of coconuts!’


Have a good day everyone! ❤


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2 responses to “This post is SO not a drag.

  1. kat

    that sandwich looks…. omg. *salivates*

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