I’m a prime storyteller.

Wasssssssssup everyone? Guess what I made the other night?

Hey kale chips heyyyyyy!

I headed over to Kath‘s blog, seeing as how she is the ultimate QUEEN of the kale chips. Creating them was a snap and before I knew it, I had a plate of brown, crispy looking fellas.

I was pretty skeptical about the idea that they tasted like real chips. Well shame on me for not believing the blogworld; these really did remind me of eating plan old chips! I’ve never had kale before so I wasn’t sure if the taste was going to be weird but they were good. Definitely overcooked them though…some of them didn’t taste like anything but burnt! 15 minutes was just too much for them to handle. Next time (and next time may or may not be today!) I’ll cut it down to maybe 9 minutes! All in all though, kale chips and I are going to work hard on our budding relationship 😉


Yogurt bowl with Cheerios+granola+strawberries+blueberries+a peach+almond butter. PHEW! A bunch of stuff but damn good.


(I’m the world’s best grandma… I just look very good for my age)

My niece alwaaaaaays wants me to make waffles but I’m just a pancake kinda girl at heart. I made the executive decision that it was about time for what I wanted! Used a typical pancake recipe but instead used whole wheat flour and applesauce instead of oil. For hers I added chocolate chips and maple syrup….. mine however, were a little more complicated.

I added blueberries to the batter and topped them with half of a cut up banana and my favorite combination of vanilla yogurt and almond butter. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever; licking the mixing bowl is the best part. Super filling, super tasty… the pancakes were awesome but I’ve come to expect that 😉

And that’s all I’ve got! Well, except for a story about a certain poodle named Maxwell. 

Once upon a time, the LaForge family bought the family dog millions upon millions of toys. The dear poodle doesn’t play with half of them and today he found a toy that he liked very much. He liked it so much he used it to keep him company in his Joe Jonas chair.

When Chubby Chubby and I saw what had happened we exclaimed with “Awwwwwws” that could be heard across the land. How silly, a tissue box was his new friend! I hurried into my caveroom and got my camera to document such an adorable event. I crouched down next to my furry friend and said, “Maxwell! Look over here!” I clicked once and the documentation was complete. He did not look at the camera so I decided to take another….and Max smacked the damn tissue box at me.

What a jerk!

The End.

That’s one way to start a morning off right? And I leave with that to ponder and wish you all adieu! 😀

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One response to “I’m a prime storyteller.

  1. kat

    kale chips? sounds good! and…i love you, grandma!

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