Life’s a beach

Disappearances. Usually not a good thing but in some cases, they’re a necessity.

Now I’m not usually one to do such a thing but when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take advantage. By this I mean the opportunity to be at the shore for three days. After some deliberation I decided to pack up and ship off to Point Pleasant. No other people, no internet, no unnecessary shenanigans, just me and the shore.

I like to wait until the last minute to do things so I decided a bagel would be good fuel to get me through all the stuff I still had to do that morning. Banana, almond butter and a peach, twas epic and delicious… it had been a little over a month since I last had a bagel. Just saying.

No creeper you can’t come with me.

After some running around I was finally able to leave. Fast forward through me singing at the top of my lungs down the Parkway, eating an undocumented fruit bar and an almost two hour drive (THANK YOU JERSEY TRAFFIC) I reached the shore house!

Good girl Eleanor!

Awwww yay beach house!

Yay beachy living room!

Yay beachy kitchen! Kitchens are my favorite part of any house 😉

As soon as I got there I threw all my stuff down, put on my bathing suit and headed straight to the beach. Three hours later I was sweaty and hungry so decided to head to Shoprite to buy a few food items. Of course more traffic was involved but food was obtained! After I showered I started on my dinner, which ended up turning into a finger food kind of meal!

The shore house has a beautiful deck area, which is where I ate all my meals and spent a good chunk of my time. Glorious!

Seen here we have a random pretzel stick, two slices of tomato, a cut up sweet potato that I baked for 20 minutes, a whole carrot cut into slices and KALE CHIPS! These guys have become an obsession, especially considering they came out better the second time. The more time goes on, the more kale chips I see in my future. It was lovely and veggie filled, just how I like it.

Sat on the deck and read for a while (The Three Musketeers <3) but by 9 I got bit by a mosquito and said goodnight to the deck. The rest of my night consisted of this:

Wine time! While at Shoprite I stopped and picked up a bottle of white wine to have with dessert. Pinot Grio, tadaaaaaa.


A bowl of cool qwhip with granola and peanut butter (and wine!)

And this:

As soon as I turned on the TV, 27 Dresses was JUST starting. SCORE! I absolutely love the movie and it’s one of the few ones that I actually own on DVD.

Next day was relaxing and lovely. I don’t think there are words to describe how great it is to wear only a bikini top and shorts for three days and have it be completely acceptable 🙂


Honey Nut Cheerioes, a peach, half a container of peach Chobani and a wee bit of AB…. not to mention coffee; I drank A LOT of coffee that day.


So awesome to do, can’t even tell you.


Banana-peach smoothie with vanilla protein powder and topped with some granola (and more coffee!)

Pretty flowers!

Deck view!

(Blueeeee skiessssss!)

Hey tree heyyyy!


I forgot how much I LOVE kettlecorn.

(Sidenote: I also did a half hour of made up yoga… now THAT was a good time!)

Time for dinner!

Basically the exact same thing as yesterday except for the addition of some AB, mushrooms and old magazines!

And the night included South Park, more cool whip and watching Grease 2 (!!!) with my roommate via text message!


Exact same thing as the morning before but with a METS mug!

As I sat on the deck I realized it was super cloudy and decided it was time to head back to real life. I had a great time and was able to process a lot of my thoughts and become very at peace. Definitely well needed. It may be the only beach trip I have this summer so I’m very grateful that I got to go!  Thanks Uncle Ed and Aunt Kathy for letting me use the house! 😀

That’s my long, long, long post and now I’ve got just enough time to do 30 Day Shred before work! Have a good day everyone!

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One response to “Life’s a beach

  1. kat

    this was so great to read! im so jealous of your shoretime 😀 i see that you had a wonderfully relaxing time. i wanna drink mug after mug of coffee and just write. ❤ love you

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