Always go with the real deal.

Been a couple days. I’ve been doing stuff after stuff after stuff… I do have  a pictures though. Not a lot but a few good shots from Amelia‘s party!

Following my self made tradition of attempting a dessert that’s completely gluten free, I racked my brain for something fun to come create. I’ve done brownies, I’ve done cookies so this had to be something new. My original plan was to make gluten free seven layer cookie bars with a Chex cereal crust. However, because I am a brilliant human being, I thought that generic Chex and real Chex were the same thing. You know, the real one says gluten free so the other one must be exactly the same right?

No, that’s not right.

I was in a super rush when at the store so I didn’t even think to look at the generic box ingredients. When I got home and finally took a look at it you’ll never guess what I found.

Doest thou see what mine eyes see? Barley.malt.extract.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Ugh, that definitely put a damper on my mood. Granted, it’s my own fault for not buying real Chex cereal; shame on me for having faith in generic cereals.

Because of my setback I had to quickly formulate a new plan of action. With some help from the internet I decided on gluten free snickerdoodles topped with chocolate.

Instead of making them in cookie form I decided to stick with my plan for a cookie bar sort of thing. I wasn’t sure how they were going to bake but cookie to pan turned out surprisingly well. The edges were a tad crunchy but the taste of cinnamon was nice. I let them cool and because nothing is ever complete without chocolate I, er, added chocolate.

I was pressed for time and couldn’t make a proper glaze so it was a simple combination of chocolate chips and a bit of milk to make it more spreadable!

Although I didn’t get to actually taste it, I was informed that the dessert came out well so all’s well that ends well!

Can we just look at the cake that Amelia had?


The details of the lettering, the pipe and the setup entirely just blew me away! This is the type of thing that I long aspire to be able to recreate myself one day…..and you know what else?


It was fantastic! A simple white cake lay beneath the eloquence and it was perfect. Not dry and complimented well by white frosting to hold it all together. The fondant had a nice flavor as well rather than being showy and tasteless. Talk about a badass cake!

Although short lived (Kat and I didn’t get there until later and we had to leave early because I had work the next day), the party was a blast and it was great getting to see my Rider girls for a giant get together one more time before we go back! ❤

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  1. ❤ Thank you for going through so much trouble to make a tasty snack that was safe for me!!! It was yummy!

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