August showers bring… stuff.

I’m going to make this post a two part deal because I have a lot of things to say… surprising, I know! Neglect of the blog is nothing out of the ordinary (guess I’m not the best bloggy mommy ever?) but at least I admit it.

On to more important things, like the fact that Cate’s bridal shower FINALLY took place yesterday!  Everything came together, the shower was fabulous and as far as I know, everyone (including the bride-to-be!) had a great time! The time leading up to the shower was some kind of chaos though….made it out alive and well though 😀

Wednesday night was favor making!

Fun sidenote: She’s wearing my shirt

Intense maid-of-honor needs hardcore measuring tools to ensure precisely straight lines!

Look how pretty they are though! Three different types of mini Kit Kats as well as Hershey’s Kisses (cookies n’ cream and almond!) and homemade tags! And note the theme of blue… we made sure to incorporate Cate’s favorite color!

Fast forward to Saturday. The morning started bright and early seeing as my mom (Mother-of-the-Bride AKA MOTB!) and I had a ton of stuff to be done that day which called for a 7 A.M. Walmart trip ( I’ve never seen the place so empty before!) and countless other shenanigans.

Max was very helpful throughout the day.

MOTB and I consumed lots of this

I shoveled down this at some point (bananas, strawberries, Cherrios/Special K and milk) while glue gunning.

Max moved to a different couch and started watching TV

We wrapped a bunch of presents

And we saw some of these guys outside of the hair salon.

We were running late, again no surprises there, but managed to get to the restaurant by 11:40. We had the shower at a beautiful restaurant/bistro called Al Di La. The place was just newly renovated and although I didn’t walk around taking pictures of the walls and stuff, you’ll be able to tell how lovely it was.

Shadow creeper and her groom-to-be!

Awww, so pretty! And check out the blue themes of the restaurant… you can’t really go wrong with a blue/brown combination, it always turns out so pretty. Cate adores these certain shades of blue so it’s kind of  like the shower was meant to be there.  LOVE the outdoor style indoors as well… and, another random sidenote, I REALLY like brick walls.

Random family shot!

And thus begins, PRESENT OPENING!

Watering can! YES!

Ock Pot!

Gotta have the party shot!

And the bow hat, of course. She only wore it for 2.5 seconds but the fact that she did at all was enough to make everyone happy! My aunt did a ridiculously awesome job putting that hat together, so elaborate!



…a lot of…


This is the first half of the shower post. I figured it would be easier to break it up rather than have one super long post… lest I not bore anyone. Second half is all about the food!

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