It’s not a party without food stuffs

Oh hey, how lovely to see you! I assume you’re here for the food? Hahaha. So this is part 2 of the bridal shower and food is always my favorite part of anything and everything!

MOTB and I decided that family style serving would be a nice change from the typical buffet style and it was all good ole’ fashioned Italian food!

And, of course, we had pitchers of Sangria on every table πŸ˜€


Two different types of pastas were served. One was penne with vodka sauce and the other was rotini with a simple red sauce. Both were good and solid, nothing fantastically mind-blowing but I personally preferred the penne. However, MOTB’s penne with vodka is the ultimate BEST πŸ˜€

After pasta, each table was presented with three of the “entrees” that had been chosen

Because I worked in the catering business for so long, this was food I knew all too well; eggplant rollatini, chicken francese and sausage with peppers and onions. Everything was cooked beautifully, and that’s a lot coming from me (The Green Onion turned me into a catering snob) The filling of the eggplant was fresh and cheesy, the chicken wasn’t too overwhelming with butter and lemon and there was POTATO with the sausage and veggies… it was a great addition!

(Unpictured were a small salad and a piece of bruschetta!)

Dinner was good but dessert was SO MUCH BETTER.

MOTB, myself and the bridesmaids all banded together to provide desserts that would rock the socks off all who attended… and that’s exactly what happened.

My mom is known for her cream puffs. Seriously, everyone in our family associates her with them. And they should, these little guys are filled with vanilla whipped topping and encased by a homemade dough shell. She’s an incredible baker….. now it should make more sense where I got the baking bug from!

Not to be overshadowed by MOTB (a little healthy competition! Haha) I went for the cannolis. I think I’ve become a little obsessed with making them. This could be because the second time around was so much easier and I really got the hang of making the shells as authentic looking as possible. NOT TO MENTION, the filling had NO candied citron! I received a bunch of compliments from the party goers about them so YAY I’m glad that they were a hit!

One of these compliments was, “Your husband is going to be a very lucky man”Β  πŸ˜€

This next picture is an “all-in-one” sort of shot. We got to bring home all the leftover desserts and it wasn’t until I started rummaging through the container that I finally got to taste all the amazingness!

A little roughed up but still delicious nonetheless! So here’s what we’ve got:

  • Chocolate chip cookies baked by bridesmaid Michelle. They were exactly what a choco cookie should be!
  • Chocolate covered pretzel sticks made by bridesmaid Jess. AMAZING! Each one had different crushed toppings on them and they were the perfect cute dessert to please the masses!
  • Cupcakes baked by bridesmaid Basia. The frosting got a little wonky but otherwise, you can NEVER go wrong with cupcakes! And the purple sprinkles matched Cate’s dress!
  • And my silly cannolis are part of the leftover party as well.

Mmmm, give me desserts any day and I’ll be a happy gal. However, there is one thing that I left out….

Sidenote, when I showed this picture to my cousin Stephanie (who is also a baker!) we couldn’t help but giggle at the random chocolate blobs…what are they doing there?! πŸ˜‰

The deal was that we had to purchase the cake from the restaurant if we wanted to provide our own desserts. You know what though? It was a GREAT decision. This was a Napoleon cake which is basically layers of puff pastry, custard and whipped cream but there’s many different variations for the composition of such a cake.

I had a feeling that the cake was going to be drool worthy and when my table didn’t receive any pieces, I went on a hunt; no one deprives THIS girl of cake. Oh my bisky, I’m so glad I went looking for it. The whipped cream on top was so rich and the almond slices went so well with it. The pastry layers were perfect and so was the vanilla custard filling. My only gripe was the lemon flavored cake that was inside. It was OK but I could have done without it. Either way, this cake was effin’ BALLIN’ and we have a bunch of it sitting in our fridge now!

And that, well, that’s the end of my bridal shower recap. Hope everyone enjoyed it, I know I did! Was it lengthy? Yes. Full of awesome? You bet!


THIS is the dress I wore to the shower

Absolutely in love with it! (Thanks H&M!)


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2 responses to “It’s not a party without food stuffs

  1. kat

    that dress. on you. makes me. over. punctuate.


  2. WOW! Dress! Shoes! Knockout? Um, YEAH!

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