Quickie time… no, not THAT kind of quickie!

…..you dirty, dirty minded people 😉

What I mean is a quickie post! I shouldn’t really be blogging right now actually considering I’m SUPPOSED to be writing my internship paper. Procrastination got hold of me and sometimes you just have to do what feels right… or something like that.

I’m sitting in a random Starbucks attempting to get my writing on while I wait for my niece to get out of tutoring. She’s there for two hours so I Googled a place nearby with free wifi and here I am. Not at all crowded and I have a table all for myself so it’s allllll good. YAY for webcams because I was able to get a picture of my drink without anyone knowing otherwise!

Slurrrrrrrrrp! Tall iced skinny vanilla latte, good fuel for paper writing. I think I should have gotten it hot though… it’s SUPER cold in here! Brr.

That’s really all I’ve got to say. I only have 15 minutes left before I have to leave and still have quite  a bit of my paper to accomplish. Time to make some progress! 😀

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  1. Darn, I already had my shirt off…

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