Just breathe

It’s been some kind of week, I’ll tell you that. Family issues/internship paper writing are enough to make your mind go a little bonkers sometimes. However, at this moment I’m breathing a sigh of relief because things are looking up. The paper was sent to prof at 2 (3 hours before my deadline!) and a fighting spirit came out and recovery is now in the works.

I apologize for being vague but don’t worry, things are OK right now 🙂

I haven’t been taking too many pictures lately but I managed to snap this during paper break-time. A piece of rye bread with a spoonful of vanilla Chobani and topped with half a banana and some honey. On the side I munched on baby carrots and grapes. Yummm.

Posts will probably be picking up in length and more pictures will be taken. I promise one tomorrow…. I’m going for a nice looooooong run (7 miles perhaps?) and then attempting WHOLE WHEAT RAINBOW PANCAKES. They’re probably not going to be perfect but my goal is to make them at least remotely similar to THIS:

(sans butter and MASSIVE amount of syrup of course)

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL?!?!? This picture is kind of what my dreams are made up… here’s to hoping that my dream becomes a reality!

Have a lovely night everyone ❤

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