Pictures, pictures everywhere and a ton to eat!

Hello everyone! It appears that the rainbow pancakes were a rather large hit (at least visually anyway) so I’m extremely glad that it was a success. Mark that up on the list of things that is a necessity to make again… or at least those banana ones, yum, they were the best tasting color ever!

Sidenote: That randomly reminds me of an Ed, Edd n’ Eddy (my all-time favorite TV show) quote in which Double D stares at a yellow crayon and says, “Yellow is for banana. You ARE  a banana.” He then bites it and discovers that no, they are not the same thing.

It’s OK, I still love him anyway 🙂

Cartoons aside, this weekend has been QUITE the picture bonanza. My camera just happened to be randomly sitting next to me a good portion of the time and I snapped lots and lots of nom-age for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday morning breakfast… which I enjoyed while watching some good old fashioned cartoons… haha, so much for cartoons aside!

Sometimes Cate likes to leave about a tablespoon of peanut butter in the jar. However, rather than being annoyed by this, I was given the opportunity for OIAJ! Yay!

What we’ve got here is oatmeal (made with half a banana, sea salt and a mixture of water/milk). I then stirred in a 1/4 cup pumpkin and topped it with some cut up strawberries and walnuts. OIAJ is one of the best ideas I have ever come across, EVER. It’s just another reason (as if I don’t have thousands of reasons already) as to why I LOVE the blogworld with all my heart… thank you Kath, thank you for bringing this into my life. I got every bit of that peanut butter and it was incredible.

Chant with me…..No nut butter left behind! No nut butter left behind!
The rest of the day included running (5 miles), errands and finally buying shoes for the wedding. I ended up getting  a plain pair of black platforms. They’re high yes, 4 inches, but I’m confident in my abilities of not falling down everywhere when the day comes.


Cheerios, half a cut up peach, grapes and plain Chobani in a Hello Kitty bowl. Eaten quick though, had to motor again!

Fast forward a couple hours later and it was time for dinner. Backstory first. My dad and I have been driving past this pizza place called Turtles for about a week now. There’s a giant LARGE PLAIN PIZZA FOR $5 in the window and after talking about it we finally decided to try it out.

Now, plain pizza is not my favorite of the pizzas; it lacks charisma. However, when put on the spot, a foodie can do anything 😉

(disregard the brown puddle on the plate… the mushrooms were sweating rather profusely)

What started out as a plain piece of pizza turned into a veggie fest of wonder! I cooked up a bag of steam broccoli and sauteed some mushrooms to serve as toppers. On the side I made a “salad” of more broccoli and mushrooms, as well as some tomato pieces.

Let me tell you, the veggies MADE the pizza! I could tell that it would have been good by itself but there was just so much more flavor and texture. I really enjoyed how thinly made the pizza was as well. For $5, that pizza was worth every penny! Kudos Turtles… ooh, see the theme there? Lots of green? Turtles? It’s allllll relevant!

Dessert was, well, it was interesting! I had this idea of a makeshift marshmallow treat floating around my head for a while and decided to give it a shot.

So it doesn’t exactly LOOK tasty but it actually was quite good.

I took two jumbo marshmallows and microwaved them for 30 seconds. Then I threw in about 1/3 cup cheerios to the mixture as well as a big ole’ spoonful of cool whip. Not sure why about the cool whip, I was just being impulsive I suppose!  As if this idea wasn’t ridiculous enough I drizzled the whole thing with some fat free chocolate syrup for NO REASON. Well, OK, not for no reason exactly… I’m in love with chocolate syrup; I guess that’s reason enough.

The end result was sticky, kind of hard to eat but QUITE tasty! It’s definitely one of those things that can be improved upon and, with a little bit of practice, can turn into something infinitely awesome.

More fast forwarding again to today’s dinner….. Chubby made chili. WIN!

Bowl of chili sleeping on a bed of spinach and topped with some leftover mushrooms from last night. And some leftover side broccoli. And a piece of cardboard…. naturally. Chili is probably one of my favorite things to exist on this planet ever and it was much spicier today… oh my gah, SO GOOD.

Now that I think about this, in the world of blogging this is still severely lacking of photos. My bad, I’m still a rookie. Oh well, here’s a picture of Max to make up for it.

Don’t be deceived, right before I took this he was chomping on the legs of the chair. Maxwell. You are a poodle, not a beaver. Get it right.

It’s raining and on a day of rain, one must sit around in a comfy sweatshirt and watch a movie… and I’m off to do just that! 😀


I feel the need to show off all my Apolo bandanas. I bought a lot of them and have all intentions of picking up some more before I go back to Rider.

They inspire me! Weird maybe but whatever works for me right?




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3 responses to “Pictures, pictures everywhere and a ton to eat!

  1. Outstanding bloggage. You have become my current blog crush. (Largely because of the OIAJ idea, but the fact you are a schmokin babe doesn’t hurt.)
    My other blog crush is
    She is a professional model/personal trainer/ reality TV chica-chica-boom-boom.
    That puts you in “chica-chica-boom-boom” status.
    Feel the power.
    Rule your Kingdom.
    Keep bringing the OIAJ!

  2. kat


    no nut butter left behind!

  3. GFree_Miel

    No nut butter left behind! I love your apolo bandanas and your hello kitty dish (that I think Lily has too =D). Every time I read your blog, I want to be juuuust like you. All healthy and the like. ❤

    PS……Show me the shoes!!!!!!!!

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