Meatloaf, tattoos and Mexican food.

I have to make this as quick of a post as possible. Yes I could just do this later but I desperately want to show off some pictures that I took yesterday… I even took one of my food IN A PUBLIC RESTAURANT! Score one for THIS food blogger! 🙂

The meatloaf I was babysitting didn’t act up one bit… and it ended up being the giantest of all the meatloafs in the land!

I asked Chubby Chubby to hold up the 5-pound bag of potatoes to use as a comparison. That meatloaf was huge and delicious……oh dear, THATS.WHAT.SHE.SAID. Aaayyy yoooo!

This guy certainly liked it, that’s for sure.

That’s his hunting face.

Merlin forbid he didn’t stop for 5 seconds to NOT look at the damn meatloaf.

You would think we starve him…. WE DON’T.

The day after meatloaf extravaganza (yesterday!) I took a trip to Mt. Laurel to act as moral support while my friend Jen got her first tattoo. Talk about exciting! Tattoos are the best and it made my heart seriously happy that she wanted me to be there.

The tattoo pallor we ended up going to was SUPER nice.

It was gigantic and the setup really showcased every kind of design imaginable. Check out the Chinese dragon chillin’ in the corner!

Isn’t she pretty? She was flailing with excitement the whole time and chattered to the tattoo artist the ENTIRE time. It ended up being a good strategy because she said it didn’t hurt at all! The tattoo artist was a fantastic guy, Jen absolutely loves the way her tattoo came out AND he looked like Kevin Smith. That’s a no fail combination right there.

Isn’t it lovely? It’s perfect and suits Jen very well!

Afterwards we were both quite hungry so we went to one of her favorite places which I have actually never heard of. It was called The Mexican Food Factory and it served, can you guess? Mexican fooooood. I realized that I don’t eat Mexican food very often so I was up for getting some authentic noms.

5 minutes after looking through the menu I decided to order what had caught my eye right from the start.

Crepas de Pollo

Two crepes filled with pieces of chicken, tomatoes, onions, raisins and almonds, topped with milk red tomato sauce, melted cheese, sour cream, pumpkin seeds and avocado slices. Served with black beans.

That sounds right up my alley. Jen even said it sounded like something I would order. While we waited for our food we munched on a few nachos that was served was a fabulous spicy salsa. It had a great kick to it!

Check out the presentation! It certainly LOOKED interesting enough! But how did it taste?

You’ll have to wait until later today to find out. I have to quickly go shower/pack up cupcakes/help chaperone a party/go to city hall/you get the idea. Cliffhangers… you gotta love em! 😀

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One response to “Meatloaf, tattoos and Mexican food.

  1. GFree_Miel

    Oh my God that looks delicious!!!!! And I don’t really like Mexican food that much.

    Jen looks so lovely in that picture! Did you tell her how beautiful she is all day? I sure hope so. Lol!

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