Little Leo Birthday Girl

Another entry is needed because it’s dedicated to the birthday of my niece SERENA! In honor of her birthday I made her favorite waffles without her even having to ask.

I think she appreciated it!

I remember when she was just learning to walk and such… awwwww. Now she’s almost a teenager! Cripes, that makes me feel oldddddd.

Sidenote: Chubby Chubby bought me Chobani!

This isn’t just any vanilla Chobani though….

16 ounces! He got me the big daddy container which I have decided I like a lot more; being able to eat Greek yogurt by the spoonful is so much easier. Usually with the normal containers I’ll take half and have to recover it with foil. THIS container has a good ole’ plastic lid so I can take as little as I please! This blog will probably being seeing more of these in the future.

This was the topper to a truly beautiful waffle that was my breakfast this morning.

My Hello Kitty plate never goes out of style

Blueberries and strawberries sitting on top of my favorite AB/yogurt mix with a sprinkle of pecans. Delicious, amazingly delicious.

Not surprising anyone, Serena asked for a RAINBOW birthday cake. Wheeeeee!

Batter up! Yuk yuk yuk yuk!

I layered the colors incorrectly… again.

I did finally invest in piping bags/tips though! Granted it’s not a work of art but I was very glad that some fairly decent writing made it’s way onto the cake. Just gotta practice!

Make a wish girl!!! ❤

This time around the colors definitely came out a little botched. Not terrible of course but it’s more abstract this time around. Hahaha.

I don’t dwell though. It’s a mighty fine looking piece of cake and it tasted pretty good too. The fams and the birthday girl enjoyed it so that’s really all that matters!

Max was pissed he didn’t get to have any.

“I’ll trade you this rooster for a piece of cake!”

My nephew was indifferent to the situation.

Cool Otis, way to not look at me.

And that was the birthday of August 30th… 11 years ago a little buckethead was brought into the world and she decided to stick around. I’m glad you did girl! Happy birthday Serena, I love you! ❤


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2 responses to “Little Leo Birthday Girl

  1. kat

    awwhhh i loved this post! happy birthday rena! and yay for that pretty cake/those pretty waffles/that giant chobani 😀

  2. GFree_Miel

    Awwwwwwwww!!!!!! Tell her I said Happy Birthday!
    The cake looks great! It’s like marble. Marble Rainbow Cake! And I want that giant chobani! Yummy!

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