The 10 has won… for now.

Life has been something else lately, let me tell you. No one ever said it was easy though, right?

Aside from the major stuff, other random things have happened. One thing I feel obligated to blog about is my failure double digit run that took place on Saturday. I wake up bright and early at 6 AM. I’m pumped and am SO ready to kick this run’s ass.

I decide to try a new kind of pre-run fuel

English muffin with some peanut butter and a few raisins. I headed out the door about 20 minutes later; this was not a good idea. This is only the first of the many amateur running mistakes I made. HELLO KERI, EVER HEARD OF DIGESTING?!?! YOU SHOULD TRY IT SOMETIME.

58 degrees? This is a dream for any runner. Perfect temperature to pump out 10 miles. I was ready to rock it out. I did some good stretching and so I began….

Fast forward to mile 3, my calves start hurting. Yes, I said CALVES, as in plural. At the first feeling of pain I immediately stop running. No frickin’ way was I taking any chances. I walk about 0.2 miles and start up again after stretching my legs out. That break actually helped a lot and I felt better.

Mile 4. My stomach starts KILLING ME. I take another walking break. The pain subsides a bit. I try to start running again and only make it half a mile before I have to stop again. DAMN IT. I passed the bathroom a mile ago. DOUBLE DAMN IT. I walk until I reach mile 5 and start running again. The pain in my stomach isn’t unbearable but I know in my heart that my goal of 10 miles wasn’t going to happen.

I settled on a 10K distance and ended up running about 6.3 miles or so including several walking breaks. I’ve been running for more than a year now and this was the first time that my run put a damper on my spirits. Mistakes happen but it’s just a lame feeling when you have your mind set on something and fail to reach it :/

However, after researching my bootay off that day I think I’m ready to try my luck again at 10 miles. It’s either going to be re-attempted on Friday or Saturday. One thing I DO know is that I want to reach the double digits before I go back to Rider! I KNOW I can do it… I believe in my running spirit! 🙂

Other random photos.

Although I am rather afraid of balloons I can’t deny the fact that they’re quite pretty looking.


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  1. GFree_Miel

    Aw, you’ll get it right next time Keri! I believe in you! ❤

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