Break to blog.

So I’m here to say that I’m not going to be able to get a legit post up until at least Saturday. My days have been spent packing and watching the niece and doing countless other things around the house… I haven’t had time to blog!

Here’s some pictures to give y’all a view of what life has been like (with Keribop stupid commentary, naturally)

Banana soft serve. Out of this world good and will be recreated many-a-times at Rider. The Magic Bullet proved itself quite well with such a task.

Grub-age. Half a turkey sammie with hummus, a bowl of cauliflower soup and a spinach/romaine salad with balsamic in an oversized bowl. Tasty.

I have a rainbow headband on a wrench in my hand. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

My favorite flavaaaaaah!

(Yes, there is a box of Kashi bars sitting on top of a stack of fitness magazines. SUPER HEALTHY. Hahahaha.) Lots of lists accompanied by a white wine spritzer in a GIANT glass that Chubby Chubby made for me. Best aid to packing ever!

Sitting on the floor, unsure of what to do in the presence of SO MUCH CRAP THAT NEEDS TO BE PACKED. Cripes!

This has been my life. My life is continuing tomorrow with more packing plus shopping trips all over the world for stuff and THEN Cate’s bacholerette party! Jam packed stuff but I promise I will have awesome posts with awesome pictures that are just, well, awesome!

Officially, I’ve lost my mind.

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  1. I have the same laundry hamper as you! For some reason I find this incredibly exciting. It’s a good one.

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