For Mamere <3

I’ve been blog absent… I haven’t neglected the blog this badly in a while. Oh dear.

Before I talk about anything else, I need to dedicate an entire post to my grandmother, Mamere. She passed away a week ago today and her life was too amazing not to talk about.

Lists are good, quick and will be able to full illustrate just how incredible of a woman Mamere was.

  • Ann Elizabeth was her real name but everyone in our family (including her own children) refered to her as Mamere
  • In case that doesn’t give it away, she was part French
  • My middle name is Elizabeth, in honor of her
  • Mamere had two husbands, both of whom passed away. She always liked saying that she wouldn’t have minded having a rich younger boyfriend just for fun.
  • Mamere had big ole’ ears and during her 82 years she never had them pierced
  • She loved driving and drove until the month before she was put in the hospital.
  • Her sense of creativity was out of this world. Besides being able to crochet/knit damn near anything, she was an incredible painter.
  • Man oh man, did she love to travel. I can’t even begin to name the places that she’s been to. Spain, Ireland, London, Florida and SO many others.
  • We used to joke that I could never live with her because we would do nothing but sit around, eat and eventually weigh 600 pounds each.
  • Going off of that, Mamere loved good food and good alcohol. She could cook and bake just as well as any professional (remember my post about the Easter Pie?) Wine and Cosmos were her poisons of choice.

That’s just a short list. Her qualities were overwhelming and there’s not enough space on the entire interwebz that would suffice.

She was always proud of me and was the reason that I fell in love with the theatre. Mamere was someone that I completely idolized and I loved bragging about how awesome of an older lady she was. Words cannot describe how greatly she impacted my life.

I love you Mamere, I’m sure as hell going to miss you ❤

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