Grr wedding part one!

Well, there’s been a lot of happenings as I said in the last post. I have legitimately thousands of things pertaining to Rider but there’s yet another matter that needs to be addressed first like….

My sister’s WEDDING perhaps?!?!

Er, I don’t really know where to begin exactly or how to exactly explained just how MIND-BLOWINGLY INCREDIBLE IT WAS.

How ’bout I throw up some pictures and we’ll go from there? We’ll go with the food pictures first (that’s what you’re all here for, right?) 😀

Saturday was a full-fledged go go go kind of day. No time for proper oats or anything of the sort. There were places to be, a bride to cater to and shenanigans to accomplish!

Shoveled down a quick breakfast before heading to the salon

Multigrain Cheerios, Honey Nut Chex, a few walnuts and half a container of Pineapple Chobani. Chew chew chew, OK gotta go!

Fast forward and we’re back home and now getting our makeup done. My “breakfast” held me over well but as the bride was getting her beautiful on I decided to finish off the yogurt.

More Multigrain Cheerios (I think I’m ADDICTED to them) and some grapes. Sorry hunger, I have no time for youuuuuu!

Max and I shared a snack later.

It’s always fun when you and your dog are eating the same thing. Plain ole’ cardboard. Yum.

As 2 o’clock approached (when the limo was set to arrive) the rest of the bridesmaids began arriving and were greeted with a lovely array of food stuffs.

Gala apples (!!!!!!), black and white cookies, rugalas and two platters of veggies and fruit (undocumented, le sigh)

Oh, and THIS of course

I’m pretty sure there’s some unwritten rule that you have to drink champagne the morning of a wedding. It just seems right. I had a glass whilst we toasted my lovely sister 🙂

The next two hours seriously flew by in a blur of picture-taking, the actual wedding ceremony (which went off without a hitch… PUN!), limo riding and then… it was time for the reception. HOT.BISCUIT.

As we walked into the cocktail hour I was handed a glass of white wine.

Why thank you! I had a little less than two glasses throughout the cocktail hour.

I had been mentally complaining about being hungry and when Shan told me there was a jar of almonds nearby, I COMMANDED that she get me some!

WOO! I actually asked her to take a picture of my hand. Hahaha. But let me tell you, I was being a good little blogger! When the waiters started coming by with food trays I asked a bunch of them to let me take pictures of it. My family started getting in on it too… holding out their appetizers for me to photograph. AREN’T YOU PROUD OF ME BLOGWORLD?!?! 😀

Red grapes covered in cream cheese and then rolled in pistachio nuts. Oh my bisky, I had at least three of these… they were so good…. and easy to recreate now that I think about it!

I’m apologizing in advance for not knowing the proper names of anything…. this was some kind of salmon atop a cracker sort of thing with caviar on top. My first time tasting caviar and to be honest I don’t think my palate is sophisticated enough to enjoy such a thing just yet.

(Not my hand… LOL) This was a type of tortilla topped with scallops (?) and it had a fantastic twist of lime to it. I thinkkkkk this might have been Cate’s favorite actually!

MINI CRAB CAKES! Be still my beating heart.


I didn’t get to taste one of these but I continuously heard people raving about them throughout the hour. From the looks of it, it was a simple steak on bread approach with a type of sauce. Wow, that sounded really vague and lacking any sort of food knowledge.

Good thing I already apologized!

Caesar salad on top on a round flat croton. Tasty and quite ingenious! I loved how creative all these dishes were.

After the hour the party officially began. And with that came MOAR food! Cate and Justin really did hit the creative mark when it came to the food. Rather than having a sit down dinner, everything was buffet style so everyone was welcome to eat exactly what they wanted!

Skewer table! Things on sticks? I’m sold.

Beef, chicken, veggie and coconut shrimp available and (not surprisingly) I took one of each. The coconut shrimp won…. HANDS DOWN TIMES 16 MILLION. I think I may have just drooled on myself thinking about it just now.

Other food stuffs included a pasta station which I passed on and a stir fry table! You got to fill up on all the veggies you wanted and then you had the choice of beef, chicken or fish as your protein. I chose good ole’ meat beef and loaded up!

Yes, it’s a giant plate and yes, I ate all of it. It was delicious and I used chopsticks! So fun!

Fun sidenote: Next to the stir fry was a conveniently placed sake shot station. While bridesmaid Basia and I were waiting for our food we decided to do a shot. I’ve never had sake before but am definitely a fan now. It went down really well! It went down so well that we decided to do another one after with my cousin’s girlfriend. Tis the spirit of the wedding!

After eating to my heart’s content, I did nothing but dance, dance and dance some more. This is where it gets a little unfortunate however. Because I was dancing so much I did not get to taste or photograph ANY of the dessert! I got a picture of the cake though.

The dancer in me just couldn’t be stopped… she was out of control! From what I heard though, the desserts were absolutely bitchin’ and that’s really all that matters. This just shows how incredibly awesome the band was though. That will be in the next post.

Yes, this one is a two parter… and with good reason. There’s more, much much more.

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