Grr wedding part two!

And here we are again! This post is just a mish mosh of some of the pictures to explain how the rest of the night (and the morning after) went! There was more to the wedding than just food 😀

Good morning bride! Nice pink Rider sweatshirt you got there.

Max was upset that he didn’t get to come to the wedding. Sorry buddy.

We took a bajillion pictures at the hair salon for some reason but this is my favorite.

(biggest eyes everrrrrrr)

Cate’s hair came out beautifully and it was exactly what she wanted.

MOTB got herself prettied up while Max watched on with jealously. I’m pretty sure he had a crush on the makeup artist; he wouldn’t leave her alone the entire time!

The best family portrait you will ever see!

And, of course, the bride. All dressed up and ready to go.

(this would definitely showcase my picture taking skills if only that creepy dog drawing wasn’t in the back!)

And then, the fun REALLY began.

There was underage fist pumping.

The newlyweds expressed their mushy-gushy soulmate-y love for each other with their first dance.

Adorable sidenote: Their wedding song was “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 🙂

After that though, they put on their REAL dancing faces.

The tallest singer ever made an appearance.

(In actuality, the guy on the other guy’s shoulders was quite short and Basia kept calling him Prince the entire night. Bwahahahaha)

My godfather danced his heart out with all the youngsters.

Some of the groomsmen bros decided to join the band.

My niece ended up dancing on the furniture.

And my cousin decided to join her.

There were bowties.

And there were man hugs.

Rather than stuffing the cake in each others faces, Cate wanted to hog all of it for herself. Clearly you can tell that her new husband isn’t pleased by this.

(Random balddddd headdddd)

Then we took the hotel bar by storm which I didn’t really document. Highlights included:

  • Random guys from Rhode Island
  • My cousin Kate spilling her beer all over the lobby floor
  • Having that guy in the bowtie dancing and singing in the puddle of said beer
  • Another cousin stealing pizza to give to the bride because she was hungry
  • One of the guys singing to the bartender to get free beer
  • My cousin Alyssa’s male conquests for the evening (can you tell that I have A LOT of cousins?!)
  • Damn near anything anyone said or did!

The morning after there was a conveniently located breakfast bar and we all attacked it.

Justin asked me to take a picture of his breakfast to use as a comparison to mine.

Eggs are good and so is fruit. Whatevs, it’s your wedding guy! You can eat anything you want!

I couldn’t decided if I wanted oatmeal (there was a station set up!) or a good ole’ bagel. Ultimately I decided that since I eat oatmeal allllll the time and I’ve put bagels up on this weird pedestal, the bagel seemed deserved!

Raisin bagel with a side of fruit and a banana.

Topped with peanut butter (LOVE the little servings packets! So convenient!), banana, some raisins and a few pinches of brown sugar. Perfect in every way, shape and form.

And I drank two of the best cups of coffee I’ve have in a long time. Or maybe it was just because I drank the previous night and was a tired girl? Either way, it was good coffee!

And that was the wedding in all it’s glory. I’m so so so so happy for my sister and my new brother-in-law and know that they’re going to have an amazing life together.

Rockin’ the shades indoors 😀

This wedding could definitely be placed in the category of being “The best wedding ever” and people have been saying it over and over and over. I agree, it was hands down one of the most fun times I have ever had ever! Yay for being able to take part in such awesomeness and ultimately… yay for family and love! ❤

I’m sorry Chubby, you have to take your dancing shoes off…. the wedding’s over!


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One response to “Grr wedding part two!

  1. Everyone looks so gosh darn perdy!!! Weddings are so fun! Glad to hear you had a great time, but I’m even more glad that you’re back at Riderrrrr ❤

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