What a Bronc eats

Happy (?) Monday morning everyone! It’s raining like whoa here and my hamstrings are super sore. Guess who doesn’t have Icyhot? Boo.

This is the official kick-off of back to Rider food fun! Another picture filled post with the eats that I have been experiencing here as a Bronc. There’s no set timeline for when these were taken so just bear with me…. pleaseeeee? 😀

How’s about we start with Cranberry fest?

It’s, well, it’s something alright. I don’t know how to properly word the amount of caramel that was on this apple… submerged? Blanketed? Engulfed? Either way, I took this sucker back to my room and needed my sharp cutting knife to remove all the caramel. Cripes Rider, just cripes.

However, a picture had to be taken before I ruined the “caramel apple effect”

Did you know that men judge women based on their caramel apple eating abilities? It’s true 😉

As for real food, I was quite impressed with what was offered. Particularly a veggie sandwich on focaccia bread!

I’ve been very impressed with Rider’s veggie options lately. Zucchini, red peppers, squash and eggplant made for quite a tasty sandwich. I only ate the bread from one of the sandwiches but did eat the veggies from the sandwich my roomie didn’t want!

Changing gears now. Sometimes I eat my meals on the floor so I can be closer to Angel.

I totally stole cauliflower soup from my house. Seriously, I love it THAT much… this was my last bowl of it. 😦

On the side was a Rider Cranberry Salad which is my absolute favorite of all their salads. Red onions, grape tomatoes, turkey, pecans, cranberries and romaine topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Fabulous!

(Isn’t my laptop background sexy?)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes have taken over my life. It’s serious torture that I can’t get one every day. However, I’ve been seeing homemade pumpkin spice lattes floating around the blogworld so that’s definitely worth looking into!

Candy corn! It’s so unhealthy, its pure sugar and it rots your teeth. But alas, I’m in love. Candy corn is so sweet though that after 10 pieces I don’t want anymore; we have a good relationship going on.

(ignore the Diet Coke… we all know this is my ultimate weakness)

SUSHI MADNESS! Sam, Kat and I took a trip to a sushi stand that Sam has been raving about for Merlin knows how long. 16 pieces for $10! I got a salmon roll, a California roll and salmon and avocado roll. The sushi was so fresh and delicious and I realized that I like wasabi a lot more than I though I did!

Kat says, “Look how cute it is!” 😀

That’s all I’ve got for you now kids. I think I’m officially caught up completely now! What a lovely feeling!

Oh wait, there’s one more thing.

A picture of my giant teeth. No post is complete without one 😀

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  1. That apple looks soooooooooo gooooooooood! And sushi yum!

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