I got a question… can you HELP ME OUT?! (thrust)

So there was no tornado last night. Oh well!

I have another tale to tell and by tale I mean gripe about food in my life.

Every so often Rider has CRAB NIGHT which, in the past, has been a spectacular spectacular event.

We college kids are fed crab legs and shrimp and crab cakes to our heart’s content. It’s been great the last few times. This time, however, was what we in the business refer to as an EPICFAIL.

It may look awesome but it’s oh so deceiving. These leggys had barely any meat in any of them and the ones that did have anything fell apart. That brown thing is a sausage that I ate out of anger towards the crabs. Barely touched the butter (1 tbsp at the very most) and got maybe 1/4 cup of crab meat.

That was not nearly enough food for me so I tried to fix the fail with a veggie stuffed pita.

Carrots, hummus, spinach, feta and peppers in a whole wheat pita (which I brought back to the room) It made me feel better but my love for crab day has thus been distinguished.

This rainbow in the clouds helped too.

Breakfast this morning was nice though! Especially when I chop peaches like a hooligan.

Symmetrical pieces? Psssh. They were all going to the same place anyway. Into my oatmealllll!

The usual:

  • Frozen banana pieces (I need to restock!)
  • Half a chopped (?) peach
  • Water
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • Multigrain cheerios
  • A few Quaker Oats Squares
  • 1 tbsp AB

Oats. Learn them, love them, LIVE THEM. πŸ˜€

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s YOGA today! Rider offers a class once a week and although I didn’t mention it last week, that will now be on the agenda of things for discuss in my next post!

One more thing before I head to class. I absolutely need to wish my roomie Mandy a SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLY AWESOME FANTASICAL 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!! We’ve been roommates since freshman year when we were randomly paired together.

It took us until Halloween to take a picture together. Bwahahahaha.

It’s been four years and we’re STILL roommates. Sometimes I legit can’t believe how Rider knew to pair us up together; I can’t imagine living with anyone else. She faced the wrath of ED freshman/sophomore year but Mandy always stayed level-headed and always wanted to help me.

She possesses this incredible amount of strength and isn’t afraid to say what she means. Super smart, super nerdy and all around an amazing person. She’s one of my best friends and I can’t begin to count the amount of inside jokes we have. Even though I usually vow not to get super sappy, I love her, like a lot. πŸ˜€


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