I’m a nut!

I usually don’t post in the middle of the day but an occurance has made me obligated to do so!

About two months ago I jumped on the Groupon band wagon and a month later I received a coupon that I just couldn’t ignore.

$25 worth of products from NuttyGuys.com for $10

I browsed the website for a bit and then, without thinking twice, bought the coupon.

The coupon sat and waited to be used. I REALLY wanted to but everytime I got onto the website I couldn’t decide what I wanted because they have such a fantastic selection and everything is SUPER cheap and then I would look at my cart and it would say $50 and then I would be like, “Oooops.”

Rambling. My bad.

However, I finally sat down and used the coupon on October 3. Guess what came in the mail today?

Talk about fast shipping! Not even a week and now it’s here! I’m so excited, I can’t even tell you. I’m so excited I’ve been running around talking about how excited I am that my nuts came in the mail.

Yep, dirty nut jokes.

Let me give the low down on what I purchased!

  • Chocolate covered cranberries (I’m alwaysssss representing Rider. ALWAYS)
  • CHIA SEEDS!!!!!! (This is a blogworld staple and I am ELATED to finally have some!!)
  • Cherry Vanilla Granola (Best.flavor.ever)

  • Deluxe Nut Mix with 50% peanuts (hence, my nuts came in the mail!)
  • Chopped dates with oat flour (I’ve been really loving the dates lately and can’t wait to try these!)
  • Mountain Defiance Trail Mix (Doesn’t that sound super badass?)

And that’s everyone! Words cannot describe how epic my breakfast is going to be on Friday. SUPER EPIC!

Thanks Nutty Guys!


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One response to “I’m a nut!

  1. CHOCOLATE COVERED CRANBERRIES!!!! I’ve been chugging so much cranberry juice this past week you would not believe it.

    Those look like some damn good nuts. Heheheheheheee.

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