Even when all goes wrong, I’m still a proud nerd!

Oh hello Maxwell… fancy seeing you in this post!

Bwaaaaah, he’s just too cute. Can’t deal. Moving on.

New York Comic Con 2010. What can I say about thee?

Well yes, I love you too but a lot can be said. That’s what.

Sometimes in life, everything that can go wrong will… that’s basically what happened on Saturday. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, the con was super epic and I love all the nerds

and I love watching Jedi performances

and I love my two Rider nerd girlfriends.


However, there was just some kind of bad juju going on. Not to get into specifics but lets just say my roomie passed out in the bus station, my car stalled out while trying to drive home, our ways of transportation were poorly planned, the con was extremely crowded and allowed essentially no product browsing AND my leather pants ripped before I even left the house.

Moral of NYCC? Go on either Friday or Sunday, Saturday is where the madness lies! And I mean that’s not to say that the madness was bad. The costumes were out of this world awesome and to be honest, people watching was probably one of the highlights of the trip.

Lesson learned and anyway… there’s always next time! 😉

I DID make a lovely breakfast spread before we left though!

I prepared my good ole whole wheat waffle recipe… and we all know that never fails! Also cut up a few apples (fresh from the orchard!), a bowl of grapes, yogurt and coffee. I may or may not have been acting like a crazy hostess but what can I say? Breakfast feasts are a favorite of mine 😀

Rainbow mug! Awwww.


My waffles, topped with banana, yogurt and DCPB. Also had some grapes and apples on the side.


The blogworld is going to kill me for this but I sad to report that this was our only food the entire time whilst at Comic Con. Poorly planned to the fullest extent, I know. And we couldn’t even buy food there because the prices just could not be justified. $10 for a poor quality veggie wrap?

I don’t think so. Next time, I’m going to pack a frickin’ picnic! Nerdy food fuel! Yesssss!


I think that’s my cue to go. Got some homework that needs to be taken care of and then… SENIOR PUB night. Yes, I’m going to another one and yes, it’s on Monday night. Hence, SENIOR.

Can you diggggg it? 😀



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