All over the place

*looks at previous post*

I tend to forget what I’ve written about and what I haven’t. There’s been a blogging lull (4 days?!?!) and I have all these food pictures and they need a home!

Well, this one isn’t a food picture…. this is A313 being lame awesome before pub night.

The bathroom mirror makes these things acceptable. I’m convinced.

Starbucks drawings make me go awwwwww all over the place.

Happy return indeed!

Yo yo yo yo baby pap, yeah you! Come and give me a kiss! Better make it fast or else I’m gonna get pissed!

I cracked open the CHIA SEEDS and experimented with them in a bowl of oats. Just 1 tbsp, still trying to get a feel of what the best way to use these is.

Doesn’t that look particularly, er, oatmeal-y?

The result came out fabulously. The don’t really have a prominent taste but I enjoyed the texture a bunch. I’m going to continue to look into other ways to use this nutritional powerhouse… for some reason chia pudding keeps popping into my head? 🙂

Although, I do now realize what the blogworld means when they talk about the seeds getting stuck in your teeth. 😀

Obsession with tiny salads… and look, edamame!

SIDENOTE: There is an and the fact that the vegetable has it’s own website might just be one of the most adorable things I have ever encountered.

SIDENOTE 2: The day before yesterday I dropped my full container of salad all over the floor in Cranberries. It was a sad, sad day. I was able to get another one for free but felt SUPER bad about it. Ohh Butterfingers LaForge, you never cease to embarrass yourself!

These pictures are somewhat lameo. I’m sorry but I promise good things are to come! But for now, take a look at the picture slideshow from Cate and Justin’s wedding!

Enjoy the day everyone! Lots of love all around ❤


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2 responses to “All over the place

  1. Chia pudding!!! Do it!!!

  2. Cate

    lol @ dropping the salad, least you didn’t break an electronic!

    Yay for my pictures!!!! love the one of us sitting!!!!!
    ❤ you slister

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