Remember, you’re hot.

Tiny apples make me happy.

Tiny apples usually mean it’s going to be a good day. Granted, I consumed this apple two days ago but it was just too adorable to not take a picture of.

Again with the lack of postings… however, I do have a legitamate reason for once in my life. I someone may or may not have forgotten their camera charger back in North Jersey. Oops. Not sure how I’m going to get it back but I’ll have to figure something out.

A food blogger without a camera? Girlllll please. 😉

Random eats of my week! (Remember that time I wanted to be consistent? HA)’

The last of my chia pudding with about 2 tbsp of the Mountain Defiance trail mix.

I can’t get over how much I love the texture.

Will be making more ASAP. And maybe with some additions of other flavors? This is one of those things where the possibilities are truly endless. Score!

All my Dalys breakfasts look the same and yet I can’t help but keep posting them.

PB and banana on whole wheat with raisins and cantaloop on the side. It honestly NEVER fails. I had my hip hop midterm and this powered me through it.

Three cheers for the power of food!

Well, not exactly all food. I munched on these guys yesterday and am pretty sure I’m not a fan.

They get an A for effort anyway. Nutritional wise they’re quite good and the same goes for the ingredients list

Good stuff. However, the chips were super airy and the taste was just off. I think it was the parsley to be honest… very prominent and when you’ve got a chip that’s basically air? No good. Oh well, some chips just don’t have what it takes!

THIS is something I need to talk about though. Keep in mind though that my camera officially died after I took this one shot.

One fine day Kat informed me that she had had the BEST SANDWICH EVER in Cranberries. As a firm sandwich enthustiast I was obligated to try it out. So today I got half of a sandwich with the following:

  • Turkey breast
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Cranberry mayo
  • Goat cheese (!!!!!!!!!)

Before I say anything else can I just say….


Pretty sure I’ve officially fallen in love with the taste and creaminess of goat cheese. Because the flavor is so rich a little bit goes a longggg way and who doesn’t love a concept like that?

As a whole, I agree that this sandwich was off-the-wall amazing. I might try a different bread next time and probably add some more veggies but it’s definitely a combination worth trying!

That’s all I’ve got food wise. However, it’s time to get somewhat serious for a hot second. Case in point?


Today is National Love Your Body Day.

(Operation Beautiful notes FTW!)

This is something that I would have blatantly laughed at freshman year. The sad thing is though, that’s what I truly desired. Deep down, to the core, depths of my heart desired. And I thought thin was the only way. You know, if you’re skinny, then you have something worth loving… then YOU are worth loving.

7+ years of an eating disorder later and I am only just understanding the true meaning of the concept. I think I finally do love my body. I love my body for staying strong despite all the awful things I did to myself and for allowing me to have a second chance. It’s still sometimes a struggle to push the thoughts away and to say no to the negativity but there’s so much more to knowing that everything’s OK. I’m OK and am beautiful.

I know not many people read this but I’ll say it either way. Your body is the only one you’ve got and you’re going to be stuck with it for a long time. Treat it right and celebrate how amazing it is. Not just today but everyday. Be proud of yourself and love yourself. Whenever you smile, you’re automatically perfect. ❤

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.” ~Walt Whitman 🙂


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4 responses to “Remember, you’re hot.

  1. I love you Keri!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I also love goat cheese. My mom makes a bangin' goat cheese red roasted pepper pizza. Yum!

  2. Kat

    thats right, you ARE beautiful. ❤
    GOAT CHEESE *salivates*
    i am so curious as to how that chia pudding tasted! was it really just chia and vanilla soymilk? it must have been awesome. (i looked up what chia seeds were, tee hee! i have now two keribop lessons under my belt, quinoa and chia!)
    also, sad that the veggie chippies were too heavily seasoned… OH WELL, you'll just have to get another type and eat em all up !
    (maybe with a bagel sandwich? hahaa)

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