Ghosts and witches have never looked so good.

Being without a camera is a sad, sad existence. Am I going to be able to last until THANKSGIVING without one?

That’s a big negative there buddy. However, I will express my appreciation for my camera phone. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to get ANY sort of pictures from yesterday’s shenanigans!

By shenanigans, I mean a trip to the Braco house for pumpkin carving fun and FOOD

And there were puppies! (or ONE puppy rather, like I said, phone pictures were all I had to go off of)

Oh helloooooo fellow Max! You’re a tad larger than my Max, I think you guys would get along though.

So, no pictures of the pumpkins…or the act of carving the pumpkins…or the finished product pumpkins… lost cause much? Either way, the food is what everyone (all 5 of you!) is here for anyway. And if you happen to remember my other post about a Braco party, you’ll understand.

With a Halloween theme, expect adorableness all the way around.

A twist on shephard’s pie; a ghosty twist! Look at their little pea eyes!

More ghosts! These were cucumbers with tzatziki. Very simple but absolutely perfect for the theme.

Peppercorn eyes!

The salad was, not surprisingly, my favorite.

It was an absolutely AMAZING mixture of:

  • Spring mix
  • Raisins
  • Dried cranberries
  • Honey roasted peanuts (!!)
  • Cut-up pears (!!)

Sometimes my brain escapes me and I forget truly how many salad combinations are out there. The salad was topped with a sweet soy type of dressing….I definitely had the ingredients remembered last night but can’t think of them for the life of me now.

Had enough ghosts yet?

Hahahaha, I find this one particularly fantastic. You can’t see all of this fellow but he was a basic pigs-in-a-blanket but baked in a a muffin pan in order to maintain the ghostly appearance. SO CLEVER!

Other foods of the party included buffalo chicken dip (made me think of Tina!) and baked penne.

My plate

You can totally see my tzatziki ghost creepin’ behind the salad forest. Heehee. I may or may not have went back for more salad and a puff pastry ghosty!


As a foodie, I believe that all NOMS are created equal. However, dessert may just be a tad more than equal. Sam’s mom is an absolute master at desserts.

MORE GHOSTS! In meringue form this time though… and with chocolate chip eyes.

Love child much?

(Can I just mention how excited I am about being able to make a Star Wars reference? HA!)


I cannot even begin to describe how delicious these were. Peanut butter balls covered in white chocolate and decorated with a single M&M and red coloring gel. I thought I would be cute and have a blue one because I have blue eyes. (COUGHLAMECOUGH)

What a witch!

I legitamately cannot deal with how creative Sam’s mom is. This is easily the best looking witch I’ve ever seen… her face is made up of chocolate chips, her head is a marshmallow, her hair is green coconut, the brim of the hat is a thin chocolate cookie and the top of the hat is a mini Reeses and a Hershey’s kiss!

It would appear that her dessert comrade just couldn’t keep her head held high (literally!)

Sorry kids, I got the angles on this one! A witch “puddle” of white chocolate, broomstick of coconut and a pretzel stick, an oreo hat brim and a chocolate covered bugle. I’m running out of proper adjectives to describe how amazed I am with the craftiness.

Craftiness and deliciousness don’t always need to go hand-in-hand though. Sometimes, apple crisp doesn’t need a ghost or a witch.

The apples were cooked perfectly soft and had that great taste of fall (AKA cinnamon woooo!) and the top crumble was a brown sugar mixture of loooooove.

Who doesn’t love a pretzel stick?

Before it was covered with chocolate, it was covered with PEANUT BUTTER. Done deal, nothing more needs to be said.

This mug renders me unable to properly function.

I would use this all year if I had one. Pumpkins never go out of style!

My last picture was the best part of the party, hands down

It’s a tad fuzzy and it’s stolen from Sam (who was taking it!) but facts are facts. My Rider family holds my heart ❤

Check it out. Fabulous times, fabulous food (THANK YOU SO MUCH MARCY! YOU ARE AMAZINGGGG!) and fabulous company. Exactly what fall should be 😀

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