Oh hey soreness, nice to see you again.

Good morningggg!

My legs are super sore on this fine day. Yesterday’s workout was all over the place what with squats and running and yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any pain… it’s more like the soreness that hurts so good πŸ˜‰

Teehee, that’s dirty.

Rainbow food pictures are good for transitions from dirty jokes.


Still with the camera pictures but I take full responsibility for this still being a problem. For some reason I keep forgetting to inform my mom that I left the charger at home. I’m going to call her later so I’ll have to remind myself.


Let’s begin with another reason why Starbucks is epic.

We’ve all seen, loved, fallen victim, cried uncontrollably about and bowed down in respect to the majesty that is the pumpkin spice latte.Β  However, look who else has joined the party of autumn time drinks!

Pumpkin coffee? And with skim milk! Don’t mind if I do. It was a more intensified version of the latte (obvs?) and I definitely enjoyed it just as much. Now I have a routine of switching off what I order every time I go πŸ™‚

Before class I finally tried a new bar that I got for free (YAY COUPONS!)

(I’m sorrrrrrry about the picture suckness. This is just plain horrible)

A cherry pomegranate Clif C bar (heyyy Clif Bars heyyy!) and with a whole serving of fruit! Nutritional stats anyone?

From the looks of it, it’s not exactly an out-of-the-ballpark kind of bar but they’re pretty solid. And if anything I would buy it for the taste alone. It’s a two layer bar with a nut crust (who doesn’t love nut crust?!?) and the fruit on top; very pie esq. I loved the cherry pom0grante flavor, not artificial tasting at all!

It wasn’t the best at tackling my hunger but it definitely was tasty!

SIDENOTE: Since when do THESE exist and WHY haven’t I had one?!?!

Pumpkin.pie.Clif.Bar…. WANT.IT.

Moving on, I haven’t been photographing my morning oats too much because of the camera issue. However, yesterday’s bowl was an exception.

See that splotch that looks like almond butter? Nope, it’s actually a form of PUMPKIN BUTTER.

It was one of the desserts at Sam’s party last week and I piled a ginger snap with at least 2 tbsp of it it order to bring back to Rider. Made with reduced fat cream cheese, pumpkin and cinnamon, it was the BEST addition to my oats.

Another thing to put on my list of things to make… I really should make a legitimate list. Le’ sigh. Guess I should go be productive? Seems like it. Roomie is sleeping still so I have no one to play with. Hahahaha.

Have a fabulous day everyone! πŸ˜€

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