Take a wild guess at who is NOT doing their homework.

Good guess.

Tired is a good word to describe me right now and my concentration in shot to sh*t. Halloween weekend has come and gone and it was rightfully epic if I do say so myself.


Saturday night a bunch of us headed to a bar/restaurant called Triumph Brewery, located in Princeton. The place had an amazingly pretty interior. Two floors with a good amount of seating and all that jazz. My only complaint was that there was nowhere to dance. However, our group managed just fine 🙂

Guess what I FINALLY got to try!

Pumpkin ale! I truly enjoyed this and that’s saying something. Usually I’m not very good at distinguishing taste in the beer department but the pumpkin flavor was great! Finally found a beer that I really do like (although it’s seasonal which makes me sad)

Here’s some of the crew…and the only picture I took that night. Der.

The rest of the night included a costume contest (our Bob Ross did not win. FOR SHAME!), more beer, the start of a dance party (certified creeper guy included) and Rider diner shenanigans.


Actual Halloween day was quite eventful but that would go without saying. It’s become something of a tradition for the Rider crew to head to the NYC village parade. Last year was a bit of a flop but this year was a success!


Yours truly

Yep, I was a pinup sailor girl. Doesn’t my hair/makeup look epic?? I always helps to have resident professionals as best friends (couchSAMANDKATcough)

Candy was in order. Luckily, I had this little guy hidden away!

Dark chocolate Kit Kat, I love you.


Off to the parade! We wait in line, it was cold but we eventually triumphed and danced the night away amongst other costumed hooligans. Halloween brings people together donchakno.

My ladies looked hot as all hell. As per usual.


The Greek Goddess and I were in love.


There was a sarcastic orc!


Look! Another cupcake!


Sam and I expressed our love in a typical manner.


Gnomes in a group!


There were Elvi!


Then we headed to get our drank on.


While everyone else got cute and fun drinks (cotton candy martini, strawberry daquari and a pina colada) Kat and I decided to be men. HA.

Left is my jack and coke and right is Kat’s rum and coke. We like our hard liquor, what can I say? 😀


A little later we were back on the train and back to the Rider homeland. I’ll say it again, Halloween was a success!

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One response to “Hallowoooo!

  1. There are two things that make me super happy about this post:
    1> you found a beer you like! YAY!
    2> Jack and Coke like a champ!

    your Halloween looked fun. 😀
    And I like the curly hair on you, Miss!

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