My mood today is GOOEY.




Gooey: to have one’s insides feel like they’re made of goo. Consistent stream of happy feeling. Also see: Warm and fuzzy.


There’s just some days when you can’t contain happy feelings. Today is one of those days. Part of my gooeyness has to do with a certain video that I viewed this morning.

I literally starting crying when I watched this (I know, I’m a weiner!) It’s so incredibly uplifting and just put me in an amazing mood. The song is fabulous to begin with but now my heart swells every time I even think of the video. I love things that emphasize self-confidence, what can I say? ❤


Food sidenote… guess what I finally got to chow down on?

New favorite flavor, hands down. It tasted like pure chocolate and peanut butter bliss and I almost felt guilty about it but then remembered that it was just a trick! 😀


On Saturday (unofficial sick day), I ended up not leaving my room to eat lunch. I saw a pizza commercial and was desperately craving pizza for some bizarre reason. Enter my savior.

The thing is, this legit tasted exactly like pizza. It was kind of weird actually. Absolutely awesome but it puzzles me how they managed to do that. Arrr Pirate’s Booty, you be sneaky!


And, er, that’s it?  Well, besides the fact that my cold is GONE! So that’s ha bisky worthy I think… woo for short-time sicknesses. Otherwise, my gooeyness and I are going to go be happy all over the place.


Be gooey today everyone, you’ll enjoy it! 😀


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