So I’m getting my ass kicked by homework (10 page play/obesity outline/hip hop shenanigans), I’m working on winning the award for being the worst blogger fan ever and continue to be ultimately stumped by the opposite sex. All in all, a typical Sunday.


Random shots of the week!


Saw this written on a wall in FA.

Not a sticky note but still quite lovely. ❤


On Thursday our Rider crew took a trip to a local club called Kat Man Du. We danced like mad women, avoided creepy creepers and Mandy and I may or may not have had a bit to drink. Heehee.

My only picture of the night, my roomie, looking adorable with Amelia’s hand atop her head.


Sidenote: On a personal level, that was a GREAT night. Just saying. 😀


I saw an ambulance in the parking lot of a McDonald’s… that was rather amusing.


Cookie Friday was celebrated and shall continue to be celebrated for the rest of my life!

Peanut butter, oh yeahhh.


My veggie burger tried to run away yesterday. Don’t worry, I caught it before it could go any further.

Sometimes, my salad pile and my proteins get into fights. This isn’t Survivor guys, no voting others off the island.




Yep, that’s the post. Sometimes I look at my poor camera sitting on my desk and it makes me sad. Hopefully, the solution will be arriving the mail soon. I want to be a real food blogger again!


Baby [camera charger] come back!

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  1. I’m so honored that my hand made its way onto you blog 🙂

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